The Fundamentals of Business Development


The process of starting a business in UAE is an easy procedure thanks to the policies that promote business first in the country. There’s never been a better time to launch an enterprise in the country. Because of Expo 2023, millions of tourists are expected to visit the country, which will boost economic development. This alone can be an opportunity to earn enough money to inspire many to begin an enterprise of desires. This article will cover the essentials needed to start your own business successfully with success in the UAE.

Choose your financial activity

The first step in creating a company that you own is to decide on the business sector your business will be operating within. This decision is based on many factors, such as personal preference as well as professional qualifications as well as market size.

Choose a name for your company

Names for your business are fundamentally creating a brand image for customers. Names you select to use should reflect your company’s offerings and overall goals. In addition, it should conform to the regulations of the UAE government. After your company’s trade name is selected then you must save the name and then send it to the appropriate authority to be approved. The authority that is responsible will differ based on whether you decide to establish your company in the mainland or an area that is free.

Select the structure of your company

Procedures for forming companies begin by deciding on the appropriate business structure. The UAE offers businesses many choices to choose from, which include limited liability corporations (LLC) and FZE companies that are free zones (FZE). Each of these structures has an own ownership structure, as well as advantages. For FZE companies, the entrepreneurs have the full ownership rights, regardless of their non-GCC status.

Licensing and Paperwork

Once you’ve got the fundamental information about your company then it’s time to start with the legal requirements needed to start your business. A very essential documents needed to establish business development within this country would be a license for trade. Trade licenses are a permit that allows the owner to legally operate a business in the country. There are many kinds of licenses that cover a range of industries that permit businesses to operate within the limits of the license obtained. Achieving a trade permit is straightforward and all you have to do is provide your application or the Economic Development authority of the region you intend to be conducting business or to authorities for free zones of the free zone that your business is located in.

SPC Free Zone provides over 1500 business licenses, that allow you to mix operations across various sectors. Additionally, they provide entrepreneurs with dual licenses that permits businesses to have setups on both the mainland as well as in the free zone.


This is among the most important factors to consider when setting up a business in a country. The location you choose for your business can have a direct effect on the resources you can access to as well as your business’s potential market. There are two main options for locations, which include the mainland and free zones. You must choose your place of business based on the kind of business ventures the company is expected to engage in, as well as the legal framework of your business, as well as other elements.

The five major factors to take into consideration when launching your own business development. In addition to these fundamentals, there is a myriad of formalities and choices which can be daunting for those who aren’t sure the best place to begin. Our team of experts in SPC Free Zone are here to help you get started on the right track and help you through your path to success in business efficiently. Call us at 800 SPC Free Zone to begin now.