The Complete Guide to Nailing Your Engagement Photography Session

Congratulations! You’re finally engaged. Your engagement will mean plenty of surprises to friends and family, not to mention all the fun you can do when prepping the venue and date for the wedding. This will also include your engagement photography. Having these photos are nostalgic, and planning for them is a step toward happiness.

6 Engagement Photography Session Tips

Here are 6 steps to creating the best engagement photography tips for you, so enjoy!

1-Outfits to wear

The rule of thumb dictates that dressing up as the best version of you is a must for engagement sessions. Wearing something comfortable and casual can save you the hassle of finding the right outfit.

Dress up how you would dress on your usual date night. When you’ve picked one, keep the fit nice and clean to get the best version for the engagement session.

If you plan on wearing a pair of jeans with long sleeves, make sure to pair the top with a clean, white shirt. And also, don’t forget about getting the jeans that look best on you.

2-Outfits to avoid

Here are clothes you should stay away from for your engagement photos:

  • Bright or neon colours. Colours that reflect sunlight can become a problem if you don’t want to look off or washed out in the pictures.
  • Mixed or chequered outfits. Patterns can redirect attention from your overall fit. If you want, wear it on an accessory or to a single item instead.
  • Clothes that have prints of large graphics and logos.
  • Unworn clothes. Try out new clothes first before the session including those old outfits of yours that have never been worn recently. You don’t want to wear a top that doesn’t fit right.
  • Bright white shirts: Bright spots are the first things someone sees in a photo.

3-The more outfits, the better

Sticking to one outfit is nice, but bringing a couple of extra outfits you could wear is better. It gives you plenty of choices without worrying too much.

However, if you choose a single outfit for the entire thing, it is recommended to add accessories so each look is fresh. Here are examples of what you can do:

  • A colourful purse, hat, or scarf to compliment the outfit.
  • A coat or blazer, revealing the top worn underneath

4-Get your hair and makeup done

Confidence is the key to a successful photography session, especially with makeup and a good hairdo. Although you do not need to have it done by a professional, you probably should. And, it doubles as a makeup trial for the wedding as well. But make sure you have beauty salon supplies from Mississauga if you plan to DIY your makeup.

As mentioned the goal is to look for the things that would make you become the best version of yourself in the shots. These photos will show your confidence and who you are. You don’t have to turn yourself into someone that is not you.

5-Anywhere is fine

There usually is no rule in terms of location when it comes to engagement photo sessions. You could have it at venues for luxury events in Toronto or that simple restaurant where you first laid eyes on each other. The point is to go wherever you want to, especially if it holds special memories or meaning to your relationship.

The places that are close to your heart matter as it brings back meaningful memories in life. It is a good idea to make a little documentary about the stages you went through throughout your relationship. A few ideas would be:

  • The place of your first date.
  • The place you got engaged.
  • The local parks you’ve gone together.
  • If you met in college, take photos together around the campus.
  • You can even look for a few old photos to create a compilation of then and now pictures.

6-Make use of natural lighting

Natural light will always look best in engagement photos. Sunsets, also known as the Golden Hour in photography, can give your photos the quality of light you’ll never find during other times of the day. You can also do early morning sessions as it still has that beautiful golden colour but is not comparable to sunset shoots.

Relax, and take your time. Don’t forget to enjoy the photography session. Make sure to post some of the pictures on social media.

These tips will surely bring you the needed help you have been meaning to find. Candid or not, what matters is you’re both happy together. Nail your engagement photography session with these tips!






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