The best eco friendly startups that are shaking up industries


When most people think of startups, they think of young tech companies with big ideas and even bigger ambitions. But what about startups that focus on being eco-friendly? These days, more and more entrepreneurs are starting sustainability-focused businesses, and for good reason – our planet is in trouble. If we want to make a real difference, we need to support these innovative startups and help them grow. 

So if you’re looking for ways to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly, check out some of the coolest eco-friendly startups out there!

Royal Craft Wood

With a family-owned business that’s been around since the early days of sustainable design, Royal Craft Wood knows what it takes to make products people love. They’re committed not only in their ingredient selection but also in how they carry out these designs with great care and attention to detail while staying open minded about new ideas from everyone else! 

The company began operations in 2016 and has already gained popularity in the US market. One of the company’s activities is the production and sale of eco-friendly products for home and office from bamboo.

The annual turnover of sales is constantly growing both from Amazon and official website, and more and more often Americans prefer cutting boards, serving boards, organizers, bathroom trays made of eco-friendly natural material – bamboo by Royal Craft Wood. 

Aurora Solar

The future of solar energy is bright with Aurora Solar’s $50 million Series B funding round and the US government planning to invest nearly 2 trillion dollars into this industry.


With Treeapp, you can plant a tree across the world in just one minute. This ultra-sustainable startup was created by three London Business School graduates — Godefroy Harito, Jules Buker and Leo Ng–who had an idea for this app on Earth Day 2020 when they were still students at university! Within its first year of existence (which happened to be last year), 230K trees were successfully planted all over our beautiful planet thanks to people like yourself who believe that healthy forests are essential not only aesthetically but also environmentally speaking because studies have shown there is reduced pollution inside cities.

Customers can now support the environment without even leaving home! With Treeapp, every purchase you make helps restore forests worldwide. All it takes is a click of your mouse or tap on mobile device screen – no bulky brochures required to get involved with sustainability efforts in our neighborhood planet.

The reincreasing trend has never been more convenient than this revolutionary app designed just for consumers who want to do their part but don’t know where else to start . You’ll not only be supporting sustainable development initiatives across countries by planting trees; each time one of these digital beauties exist anywhere near store shelves (whether offline OR online), They’re likely being purchased thanks largely because people like YOU are making them happen.


The EcoCart browser extension is a startup company that allows users to offset their carbon emissions for free from select businesses. Partnering with over 10,000 different companies such as American Eagle and Glossier, customers who choose the eco-friendly way of living are rewarded by earning EcoPoints which can be redeemed on prizes or provided towards providing clean water around the world!

The idea behind EcoCart started when founder Peter Twomey and his business partner Dane Baker were considering how they could be more environmentally conscious. They realized that many people weren’t aware of just what their carbon footprint was, so the two created an online tool for this purpose with Accounting Services available as well! With $3 million recently raised from investors who believe in its mission statement too- it seems like there’s no limit on what kind good will come out if these entrepreneurs continue innovating at such high levels; let us hope all humans catch onto innovations like these soon enough because Mother Earth needs our help.


Algenesis, a startup founded in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Mayfield is doing something about it- using their patented Soleic™ technology to produce fully biodegradable plastic made from algae and other renewable resources that can compete with the wasteful plastics we currently use for products like footwear or surfboards!


The founders of Fuergy are committed to making the switch from fossil fuels as seamless and appealing possible. They founded their company in 2018, with a mission of providing an alternative energy source that’s both environmentally friendly but also affordable for all users — especially those who rely on it most! 

The team has created two products: One device which can save you money by optimizing how much electricity your home uses; another AI software called “BrAIn” designed specifically around efficiency-boosting strategies like switching off devices when not needed or using them efficiently during peak hours so they don’t tax system resources.

Next Gen

Next Gen, a plant-based food startup wants to provide the solution for animal products that are destroying our planet. TiNDLE uses 74% less land and 82 percent more water than traditional chicken farming according to their co founded 2020 by Timo Recker André Menezes.