The best Ayurvedic hair colour to tackle the on-coming winter dryness


So we are about to say goodbye to the scorching heat and are going to welcome the winters. No matter how much we love this season, it is the time when our hair suffers the most. It is the time when our hair becomes dry, dandruff shows on the scalp and hair fall increases. We need to show extra care to our hair and scalp for protection from damage. And if you are planning to color your hair it is important that you choose the right Henna hair color. Let’s discuss the best Ayurvedic hair colour that you need to use to tackle hair damage in winters.

Why choose an Ayurvedic Hair Color?

Ayurvedic hair colors are made up of natural herbs. They have no harmful chemicals that can affect your hair or your body. Apart from giving you the color of your choice they have natural benefits added to them. The colours work as hair treatments by nourishing your hair from the roots. So, during winter dryness, only this natural remedy will help you to avoid hair problems. The colours are easy to apply and suit both men and women. They leave long-lasting remedial effects on your hair, while the colors stay on for almost a month and a half. The following pointers, therefore, will help you to choose the best Ayurvedic hair color to tackle the on-coming winter dryness:

  • Go for any Henna hair color and make sure that it also includes Amla, Neem, Brahmi and Aloe Vera. These additional herbs will help in moisturising your hair and improve the health of the scalp by boosting blood circulation. The best Ayurvedic hair color with these ingredients will help you combat itchiness and dryness caused by dandruff.
  • Henna hair color is a cold substance and it can be risky to apply that during winters if you don’t apply it correctly. You need to add 3 to 4 cloves in your paste to protect yourself from cough and cold. You can also add tea, coffee and oil in your henna hair color to add richness to its color. Make sure it is diluted in warm water and also the color is rinsed in warm water. Do not keep your hair wet for long hours as you can catch cold and it can also make your hair drier during the season.
  • During harsh winters only some parts of hair is visible since we mostly try to keep ourselves warm by covering up as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be using the best Ayurvedic hair color on yourself. In fact it will give you a more natural look with protection from the harsh winter. A few colour options that you can choose for your Henna hair color this winter are—Cocoa, Amber, Blonde, Rich Red, Brown, Ash, Gold Highlights, and Burgundy. Applying these colours on your hair will also give a smooth texture to your hair that will go perfectly with your woolens and make you look the best during the season.
  • Apart from using the best Ayurvedic hair color it is important to follow some other hair protection regimens as well for healthy hair during winters. Avoid the use of curlers and straighteners, as they dry up your hair. Drinking plenty of water for hydrating and nourishing the roots is advisable. Also, cover your head when you move out as the harsh weather can damage your hair. This will also protect your body from catching cold. Keep a check on your diet as winters are not too good for health.

Would you like to add your own to the above discussion? Then, feel free to jot down what’s in your mind in the “comments” section below. Let the best Ayurvedic Henna hair color tackle your hair problems, while you start planning on how to make the most of the coming season. Happy winters!