Surprising Benefits of Getting Tattooed


From lowering stress levels to improving athletic performance, recent scientific discoveries have concluded that tattoos possess a wealth of surprising benefits. While we commonly think of tattooing solely as a means of creative self-expression, new studies have shown that tattoos are also effective tools for emotional and physical healing.

Aside from the advantages tattoos provide to the body and mind, they can also be good for your career, as new research has shown that more employers than ever are seeking out individuals with visible ink! So whether you’re contemplating your first tattoo, or you’re already totally covered, read along to learn how tattoos can positively impact the body, heal trauma, and enhance medical treatments.

Tattoos are shown to lower stress levels

One of the greatest benefits of getting tattooed is experiencing less chronic stress! Just make sure your artist uses the best tattoo supplies from trusted vendors such as Kingpin tattoo supply. A recent study published by the American Journal of Human Biology has discovered that getting multiple tattoos effectively decreases the stress hormone cortisol. It has been found that the more tattoos a person has, the lower their overall cortisol levels become.

When a person’s cortisol levels are too high, they may suffer from ailments like depression, high blood pressure, or a lowered immune system. Since the process of being tattooed multiple times is proven to permanently reduce cortisol levels, tattooing can now be viewed as a potential remedy for individuals battling these issues.

Each time you get tattooed, your body adapts to a high level of stress, causing your cortisol levels to eventually stabilize and drop afterward. While tattoos initially work to weaken the immune system through soft tissue damage, they eventually allow for a person’s body to acclimate to high cortisol levels, which in turn lessens the stress hormone’s presence in the body through repeated exposure to tattoos.
So, if you’d like to experience less stress, increased immune health, and a renewed appetite for life, tattooing may be a helpful avenue to consider!

Being tattooed can make you a better athlete

Yes, you read that right! Tattoos can assist those looking to perform better athletically. Thanks to tattooing’s ability to lower cortisol, it can be a helpful tool for those looking to build muscle and stay consistent in their physical routines.

If you enjoy lifting weights or playing sports, you’re probably familiar with the negative effects of cortisol. When you experience prolonged muscle soreness and slow healing, this occurs due to high levels of cortisol within the body. Luckily, through being tattooed multiple times, you can permanently lower your body’s cortisol levels, allowing your muscles to regenerate and repair much quicker. This provides you with the ability to spend more days doing what you love, with less downtime in-between.

Multiple tattoos are proven to strengthen the immune system

If you want to truly strengthen your immune system, tattoos are an excellent way to boost your body’s natural defenses!

As we have already discussed, tattoos can work to lower the body’s cortisol levels, which in turn has a positive effect on our immune system. When the body is less susceptible to stress, it is also less susceptible to illness, and since tattoos are shown to decrease stress hormones while boosting disease-fighting antibodies, it is safe to say that tattooing can be a valuable way to protect yourself from sickness.

Tattoos boost self-confidence and promote body-positivity

Recent scientific studies have determined that women with more tattoos possess higher degrees of self-esteem! This new information has worked to contradict previous stigmas against tattooed women, while also serving to demonstrate the healing and uplifting power of tattoos.

One of the reasons tattoos are believed to have a confidence-boosting effect is that they can be used to cover, creatively accent, or repurpose bodily flaws. For example, instead of looking at scars from a traumatic accident, or a history of self-injury, a person can create a beautiful and calming image instead, or a permanent symbol that works to represent their strength and perseverance.

Tattoos also work to encourage body-positivity by allowing wearers to express their individuality in ways that flatter their shape and hug their curves. From winding snakes to billowing flowers and fiery dragons, tattoos can easily be used to accentuate the body while hiding undesirable marks or scars. It is also known that people who sport tattoos tend to garner more attention and stares than their non-tattooed counterparts, a factor which can certainly explain tattooing’s ability to boost one’s sense of self-esteem.

Tattoos have made vaccines more effective

Instead of administering vaccines using a traditional syringe, recent studies have discovered that it is far more effective to introduce them to the body via tattoos! These “tattoo vaccines” do not use ink, but instead, administer the components of the vaccine using a tattoo machine.

This new and unusual method allows for vaccines to be cheaper and more accessible while boosting their efficiency to up to 16 times! The DNA vaccines that were utilized in the study were comprised of multiple vaccines rolled into one, which were able to be simultaneously and safely introduced into the body via a tattoo method. It was discovered that this method produced much higher immune level responses than the traditional syringe approach and was therefore deemed more effective.