Student Motivation- How Can Teachers Motivate Students?


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

This famous quote by Walt Disney puts across a beautiful message in the most simplest way possible. More often than not, it is our own thoughts and apprehensions that hold us back. When it comes to students, the fear of not fulfilling expectations, stress, tension and likewise hold them back and affect their performance. They should feel motivated and pumped to do their daily chores and ace in the class. 

Since there are a lot of things that come in the way of their courage and hinder their confidence, it is important to reaffirm their faith and motivate them. As teachers, how can you motivate your students and lend them a helping hand? There are numerous ways to do the same. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which teachers can motivate their students. 


How Can Teachers Motivate Students?

  • Motivational Stories and Quotes

One of the things that drag down the confidence of students is the fear of failure. Through motivational quotes for students and motivational stories, you can encourage them. For instance, the story of the elephant and the rope is eye-opening and motivating (animal cruelty is not encouraged!). A man noticed that elephants were held in place by a rope that is tied to a small stick. The man asked the caretaker whether that small stick is enough to hold the elephants back. It was evident that the elephants could break away at any time. The caretaker replied that the elephants are held in place with that stick since they are a very young age. They try to break away when they are young but that is enough to hold them back. Even when they get bigger, they think that they won’t be able to break away and stay in place! 

One failure does not define you. What defines you is your perseverance and compassion and your values. Keep trying! These are the things that teachers should tell their students. 

  • Mental Health Matters

One cannot be motivated unless and until they are in a safe mental space. Schools and educational institutions have started giving more attention to this and there are lots of schools that have mental health professionals who work for the welfare of their students. It is important to make your students understand the importance of the same and destigmatize the whole process. Once your students are healthy, they will be better motivated. 

  • Create a Safe Learning Space

Creating a safe learning space where the students feel heard and valued plays a huge role in motivating the students. Motivation comes from a healthy and happy mind. If the students feel threatened or scared in your classroom, they won’t be moti8vated to do their best. Ensure to create a safe environment where students can voice out their concerns and be themselves. 

  • Conduct Competitions

You can conduct healthy competitions in the classroom. Even if you are conducting your classes online, or online teaching through mobile, just conduct activities and games in the classroom. This will create a spirit in your students. You should make sure that this does not cause spite between the students. Tell your students that everybody is a winner. It is important to encourage failures and acknowledge efforts. That’s what will get your students growing!

  • Rewards and Encouragement

When a student does well in class or gets better at something that they do, reward them. This need not be anything big or expensive. My teacher had gifted me this small dangling earring when I was in tenth grade and I still have it with me. I had won an essay contest. Every time I look at that earring, it reminds me of how it made me feel. One of the reasons why my teacher gifted me was because all the other students were scared to participate in the contest. She said that she o\is not gifting me because I won, but because I was not afraid to try. Such gestures stay with students and play an important role in motivating them.

Teachers should make it a point to nurture intrinsic motivation in students. Intrinsic motivation is that which is not influenced by any external factors. Students do it because they want to do it. Imagine how great it would be if every student felt a genuine urge and motivation to study and ace in exams? Even better, to get better at life skills and perspectives? The essence of education is not just in grades and marks. It is in cultivating skills and vision that will get the world to a better place.