Slowbro Pokemon: Things You Should Know About


In the world of Anime, Pokemon is considered to be one of the most-watched (or being watched) and famous ones. It is about a story of kids who used to catch different variants of Pokemon and play with them in a battle with other Pokemon and all.

Speaking of Pokemon variants or characters, you might know about many pokemon, but here, in this article, we are going to talk about a specific Pokemon character named Slowbro, like why it is called with this name, its strengths, weaknesses, and more.

An Introduction to the Physical Appearance of The Slowbro:

Slowbro looks like a bipedal, pink Pokemon who has tan skin, a striped belly, and a curved muzzle. Its eyes are large and sometimes seems like vacant ones. It has curled, rounded ears, two little pointed sharp teeth that are coming out of its upper jaw. It also has attached grey-coloured Shellder on its tail. It has a spiral shell covered with dark and small grey spots with triangular eyes closer to the base.

You’ll also find numerous spikes across its Shellder surface, which holds it with several sharp teeth. Its spiralled Shellder make Slowbro look sweeter and cuter from the tail side. For example, if its Shellder attached to the tail breaks up, then the Slowbro will be reverted to its pre-evolved form, which used to be known as Slowpoke.

The Evolution of the Slowbro:

Slowbro’s tail-attached Shellder contains poison, and because of it, it has lost its ability to feel any sort of pain or physical hurdles. Being of lazy, innocent, and unintelligent nature, somehow turns out to be inspired once its Shellder bites on its tail.

Having the power of attacking the other party with psychic stress, Slowbro is more like a peaceful Pokemon who always make sure to do not get engaged in a fight. Because of its evolved capabilities from being a fish to a Pokemon who can walk/slide through the bottom body, it no longer contains the capability to swim like a fish, however, it can catch its prey through the body like other Pokemon that are able to swim and can feed on its leftover scraps through Shellder. Being an evolved species of fish, Slowbro usually prefers to live nearby ponds, lakes, and seashores.

In case Slowbro evolves to its Mega form, it is covered by the Shellder, thus, its head, arms, and white-tipped tail are only visible. Alongside, its head comes out from the Shellder’s mouth-side, which makes its sharp popped teeth of upper jaw look larger. Furthermore, in its mega evolved version, its spiralled Shellder is opened up to its tip, which allows Mega Slowbro’s tail to stay open in all possible scenarios.

Slowbro’s evolution makes it balance the body through the tail due to its engulfed legs rather than the Shelldered tail. Sometimes, evolution makes things better and worsens them, and after all, it is all about giving or taking. Thus, in order to get the stick-up tail, it has to lose its leg into the engulfed condition. However, it has also turned into a better version, when its several spikes from the tail have now reduced to four along with fewer dark grey spots only in the middle section rather than the whole back body. Everything To Know About Pokemon Unite.

Variants of the Slowbro – Before and After Evolution:


As its energy is being gathered inside the Shellder, its backside has achieved grown hardness, which is a plus point. This hardness makes Slowbro’s backside a stronger armour to defend itself from significant attacks and even scratches. The earlier variant of Slowbro, known as Slowpoke, isn’t much far from the current version virtually, but with the difference of power and motivation, which has gained from its Shellder’s digestive fluids and that Slowpoke doesn’t have.

Its body contains chemical reactions from the Galarica spices, which generates within its body. Its arm-attached Shellder differentiates from the tail-attached Shellder because of its Kantonian part, which is more like a tip coloured in purple like a stinger with a lack of pupils. It also has purple spots across its forehead, which makes it different in colour for even the slightest. Apart from that, its mouth and paws are also coloured in purple with a grey belly, just like the evolved variant.

Galarian Slowbro:

Another variant of the Slowbro known as Galarian Slowbro is referred to as the most dangerous species of its as its indiscriminately attacking nature to its surroundings. It has gained this violent nature due to the frequent placement of the Shellder from upwards to downwards around the arms in a full-force manner.

When in a fight with a stronger opponent, its quick instincts of the nervous system stimulus jolt make it change the above-mentioned placement to win the fight. The speed of the Galarian Slowbro happened to be lilting the fire from its Shellder tip due to the presence of the liquid poison. On the contrary, Slowbro makes use of poison liquid by biting the Shelldere tongue, working as the poison launcher.

On the Brightside, Galarian Slowbro is the only variant of the Slowbro Pokemon alongside considering other Pokemon, who is capable of shifting the Shell Side Arm.

Summing Up:

The evolvement of the Slowpoke into the Slowbro and into the other powerful variants not only changes the nature of it but also makes it a much stronger competent of other powerful and resourceful Pokemon.

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