Six Smart ways to keep your business active during this pandemic


COVID-19 has not been kind on lives, countries, businesses, and the economy! The world practically is at a “Lockdown” phase, where people are trying to stay calm and safe from getting infected. Since social distancing seems to be the apparent cure for the pandemic, until there a successful vaccine, moving out is not advisable. That has made both brands, and business owners are looking at online marketing strategies so that their business is in operation.

How are Google and Facebook supporting small business units?

It is a time for every brand to reach out to its users and show some care and spread awareness. It helps a brand to connect better to a brand. Facebook has come up with its resource hub, to assist the small business houses affected by the pandemic. The social media brand has also come up with a Facebook Small Business Grants Program that aims to offer financial assistance, such as ad credits and cash grants to small scale businesses. Google is also trying to join hands with the U.S government for establishing a website for providing all essential and proven data on COVID-19.

If you have browsed through Google, you must have come across the “Do the Five” campaign. It mentions the essential safety and cleanliness protocols that we need to maintain from staying safe from the virus and spreading the same as well.

The strategies to count on

Our time currently is filled with anxiety and uncertainty! But business houses and companies shouldn’t drop all their activities out of panic. It is essential to keep on with the search engine marketing and SEO services. It will help in revenue generation during this economic downswing.

Update your Google My Business page

Regardless, if you have decided to close your business partially or wholly, you need to update all the details on Google My Business profile. Also, Google today has declared that the Maps feature will highlight whether a business is closed temporarily or open. If you want to mark your eatery or boutique as “closed temporarily,” you need to use the Google My Business Support. But in the forthcoming days, ‘ businesses can mark themselves closed temporarily by themselves.

Google is also suggesting that business houses should update all their relevant data in Google My Business! It is more so for those businesses hurt by the pandemic. Google has also provided detailed data on ways to update business data and offers customers with precise data.

You need to concentrate on reputation management and customer service efficiency

Social media brands like Facebook are doing their bit to keep users safe! It’s time to think about how you can help. The small business firms can opt-in for blogs and share content that’s relevant for their industry. The blogs can also get used for updating the consumers for the measures they need to take to carry out their business. It is time to generate more content and provide updated content. Ensure the consumers that you are doing all that you can to help them.

You need to answer all the frequently asked questions

People are browsing through Google more today! Make sure that your website content gets arranged in a way that it answers all the questions that your users are searching for. It could be about stocking products and adding fresh new collection for food staples and the like.

When you take the time to answer all the questions and add the FAQ schema to the webpages, your rank increases in the SERPS. And, this will automatically help to maximize the CTR and online traffic.

You might have to change the budget

The purchaser’s behavior can change in this pandemic situation! Hence, business houses must make the necessary changes with their budget. It could be the budget you’ve fixed for target keywords or the capital for PPC. And the present moment, companies should count on the various types of online advertising. Take time to strategize your budget if you are expecting any short-term but signifying impact on the business. Also, if it’s feasible for you, take the time to invest in a long-term plan. Here you need to seek expert opinion and go ahead.

Come up with a Google Ads campaign

Are you worried that your customers might not have the slightest idea that your business is open? If yes, then you can plan a Google Ads Campaign. It will help you to reach your customers fast and easily. The demand for specific products might decrease for a while. And if that happens with any of your products, you can opt-in for Google Ads Campaign to revive the same.

Make optimum use of social media

Your social media page will play an active role in keeping your consumers updated about your business! You might be operating on all weekdays, but you can share compelling posts that can keep your users engaged, considering the pandemic situation. If you are an eatery or a grocery store and are taking orders for a particular period, you can mention the same on your social media post.

You can take inspiration from Instagram’s “Stay Home” social media campaign! Here you can use this sticker to come up with several Instagram Stories and help people to follow social distancing, which seems to be the only cure concerning COVID-19. Also, profiles who are using this sticker and post their Stories, are taken to a new Story group. It’s one of the smartest ways to reach your followers when other options are not feasible.

We are in a panic-stricken time! Here you need to assess and think about the long-term impacts that your business might have, just in case you decide all the marketing initiatives. You must make use of online marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing solutions to stay active and functional. Your customers see that you are missing from this phase, where every other brand and business is doing all it takes to operate and stay operational. It will retain your business recall value and also ensure better business opportunities once things are better.