5 Must-know SEO Ranking Facts


If you are thinking of taking up SEO service, then it is crucial for you to know that SEO is not only something that depends on some of the set principles and then get a good ranking. There are a whole lot of things for SEO and not only link building or writing good title tags. For a successful SEO ranking, you need proper planning and implementation and it might take some time.

For better SEO ranking, you need to work on linking strategy, approaching websites, and building quality links. Make sure that the site gets a constant ranking and is not getting penalized by search engines because of excessive or bad quality link building. In case, you have a fear of getting penalised from Google you can take the help of professional link builders or guest blogging site which allows user to submit high quality and meaningful content on their website so that it helps the users to read more about information mentioned on the webpage.

There are a lot of SEO ranking facts you should know before planning your campaign. Keeping knowledge about these facts will assist you in enhancing your SEO and your whole strategy for online marketing. Most of the digital marketing company in Bangalore are aware of these facts for getting the best ranking. Here are five surprising SEO ranking facts that will make to look at the search engine market from a whole new angle.

  1. Duplicate content is not penalized: Do you think duplicate content is penalized? Well! No, but it’s the copied content that is penalized. What search engine does is reward the unique content and then adds more value and the supplicate content is filtered. If you wish that Google finds your content quickly, you must send XML sitemaps. Duplicate content can slow down the search engine. If you are thinking about how duplicate content affects your SEO, it’s the lack of unique content that affects SE and not the duplicate content. Make use of canonical tags that help in telling the search engine that it is the place where the official version appeared. A digital marketing agency in Bangalore is aware of these facts and plans accordingly to get the best SEO ranking.
  2. Not every search engine uses links as the factor for ranking: Google is now giving more priority to rank all websites depending on the facts rather than the links. It is also in term of removing the backlinks from the algorithm. Seo Company in Bangalore is keeping this fact well in mind while making Seo ranking strategy. This implies that trustworthiness of any domain helps to increase the rank if Google takes all facts into account for ranking rather than links.
  3. Shared hosting is not counted as a ranking factor: Some of the SEO factors have a direct effect on page ranking in any Google search results. These are those factors that the Google algorithm takes into account while determining where to rank the particular page.
  4. Uptime and downtime are relevant: It is one of the important facts that uptime as well as downtime both support the SEO ranking. Those sites that remain down for a long period of time will attract very fewer visitors. Downtime also limits a user capability to search for your site. SEO agency in Bangalore gives much priority to uptime and downtime so that there will be no hassle for users.
  5. Rich snippets do not put much impact on SEO rankings: Rich snippets add some extra information to any search listing, but they do not put a direct impact on SEO rankings. But yes, it generates some indirect SEP benefits, like assisting a page to get indexed directly, make more people visit your page. Indirectly it helps in getting more people to visit your website, thereby helping your website to get better rankings. It’s a new trend and adopted by much of the digital marketing company in Bangalore.

SEO ranking requirements keep on changing, and it is a little hard to keep up with all recent developments. But you want to achieve the top Google rankings. With so many different site competing for getting a good rank. Most of the perfectly optimized sites receive more number of traffic, which means more number of leads as well as sales. Without a proper strategy, it’s difficult to get the best ranking.

In SEO ranking, like everything slow and steady wins the race and not the fast-moving. Some of the Seo company in Bangalore might promise to get our best ranking within a matter of a few hours but do not get hurry as it might make your website penalized.