Scaffolding Mysteries: Should You Hire Or Build Scaffolding?


So you have a few jobs, and you’re looking around for some scaffolding. There’s the obvious option of buying and setting it up yourself. It saves time and effort on the next job. But the scaffolding hire option isn’t that bad either.

See which option is better for you.

What is Scaffolding?

If you’re not aware, scaffolding is the provisional structure that you see up the side of constructed buildings. The scaffolding is used to support the original design. Depending on the type of construction, the kind of scaffolding differs.

Ideally, these structures need to be highly durable as they support the original design and the builders when required. So, they’re usually constructed from steel or timber.

Should You Hire or Build?

Unsurprisingly, you don’t have to build your scaffolding. If it is a one-time thing, or the cost seems too much, there is the option of scaffolding hire. While the options exist, is it the best one?

There is an obvious advantage when you’re buying scaffolding – it’s all yours. You won’t have to go hunting for the best rental price; you can access it whenever you need it, and if you’re doing a lot of jobs, then you’ll always have it available.

But, buying scaffolding is extremely expensive – especially when compared to renting. When you hire, there is a lower head-on cost and less responsibility.

Hiring is always the better option if you only have one or two small jobs that you need to be completed. It saves space in your kit and leaves the assembling up to the owners. All you’ll have to do is focus on the job.

What are the Types of Scaffolding?

Not every type of construction or renovation requires the same kind of scaffolding. The structure inside a room would be different from the ones you find draped over a building. So, here are the different types and what you’d use them for.

Trestle Scaffolding

If you’re painting a room, then you’re probably using a trestle scaffolding. The structure is a working platform supported by movable ladders and tripods. They’re similar to a park bench and provide a height of up to 5m.

Steel Scaffolding

While not the most affordable, steel scaffolding is the more durable and safe type of scaffolding. Made entirely of steel tubes, the structure can easily be dismantled and reassembled as required. The steel tubes are more durable, robust, and resistant to fire.

So, workers are a lot safer on this type of scaffolding. The safety and durability aspects make this type of structure more commonly used.

Supported Scaffolding

When you think of scaffolding, this is the kind the comes to mind. It’s built from the ground up and spans the side of a building. It is the safest way of reaching any elevation, which makes it the most common type.

Usually, these are built with steel; however, they use bamboo in China.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

If you want something easy to assemble and take down while remaining stable and secure – you get Kwikstage scaffolding. Usually created using steel, this type is guaranteed to provide protection and elevation with its intricate design.

Wrapping Up?

Whatever type of scaffolding you choose to use, you’ll have two options – hire or buy. Depending on your circumstances, you can either hire or buy the structure. Both have various advantages, but it comes down to accessibility and money.