Save Your MacBook From Water Damage with a Cell Phone Repair Store


If you are reading this article, there is a great chance that your MacBook might be facing water damage. Have you unintentionally spilled water on your keyboard? Were you caught in rainy weather along with your laptop? Or did someone accidentally knock water on the keyboard of your MacBook, and now you don’t know what to do? You might be thinking that your device is ruined. No matter what the issue is, Tech Emporium, an electronic and cell phone repair store in Burlington On, helps you through this issue.  One of their specialties is MacBook repair, and they have years of experience in this area. However, there are a few steps that the cell phone repair center suggests you follow to prevent your MacBook from further damage. Below is a guide that will help you understand what to do to save it from extreme damage. 

First Step

There are a lot of steps that you must take instantly after the MacBook’s water damage. The first and most important thing to do is if you are using a water-damaged MacBook to search and read instructions on how to resolve this problem, please stop that immediately and shift to a phone or another device for searching solutions. Shut your MacBook immediately and unplug it from any power sources if it is connected to it, and remove any cables, USB, and SD cards attached to it. 

Drain your MacBook

When you fully switch off your MacBook, try draining the water from it. You can do it in two ways, depending on the model of your MacBook. If your Macbook does not have a Retina display, you can drain it by placing it in upside down position like a tent, but if it has a Retina display, put it on a flat surface like a table.  

How to dry a MacBook with a non-retina display

Older MacBooks used to have robust and watertight screens with non-retina displays. If you unintentionally drop water on it, it will be easy to keep it in a tent position so the water can drain. Older MacBooks had aluminum frames to protect them from water, and non-retina MacBooks had protective screen covers. These two saved their screens from water damage. 

How to dry a MacBook with a retina display

Many people ask how to check if their laptop has a retina display or not. You can easily know this by looking up the serial number and package details or by going through the product specifications. MacBooks with retina displays are exposed and prone to water damage, and repairing or replacing a retina display can be very expensive. You can also not use a tent drain method because it can damage the retina display of your laptop. The laptop repair store in Burlington On suggests that the best thing you can do for a retina display MacBook is to keep it on a flat surface like a table. Take a soft cloth to line up the surface because your MacBook screen will lie at a 90-degree angle. Put your MacBook in such a way that its screen faces down on the surface while the keyboard hangs over the table’s edge. While doing this, ensure that you are with your MacBook, so it does not fall over. This method is good for screens that are not water resistant. When placing your MacBook in such a position, the water will come from all the ports and the keyboard. The water will also not go towards the hardware, so it will not be further damaged. 

What Should NOT be Done?

Above mentioned methods were the ones you should do if you want the water to drain out of your MacBook, but the electronic repair in Burlington On suggests some steps that you shouldn’t do on a water-damaged laptop. 

Don’t put your MacBook in Rice

Putting your device in rice is one of the oldest and most used methods, and people think this is the only method that will work on a liquid-damaged device. The logic behind this is that it absorbs water, and it will soak up the water from your MacBook. Putting your cell phone might be fine, but putting your MacBook in a bed of rice will not help it. The best solution is to let the water drain out with the method mentioned above. 

Don’t Shake it

When people panic, they start shaking their MacBooks and laptops to get rid of the water. In theory, it may sound logical, but it harms the laptop because the water in your MacBook moves to different parts of its hardware when you shake it. 

Don’t Turn it On

Some people turn their laptops on to see if it’s working after water damage. It might be operational for some time, but it doesn’t mean the MacBook is not damaged. The liquid can corrode the components of a computer. The heat will speed up the process when you turn on your MacBook. That is why it must be kept off. 

Take it to a Professional

After doing everything, you must also take your MacBook to an electronic phone repair store in Burlington On; if you live nearby. They have years of experience repairing Macbooks, Laptops, Computers, Tablets, iPads, Cell Phones, and Game consoles. Spilling water is stressful but a common issue and the experts can resolve it easier for you.

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