Sanitation in a vegetable garden

The vegetable garden is ripe and it’s time to go to bed for another winter. It’s time you can really improve your garden plot and get ready for planting next spring. Anyone who has planted a vegetable garden will tell you that wedding is the biggest task in care. The next important thing is pesticide. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and work in the spring and throughout the year with proper cleaning of the garden.

Sanitation of a vegetable garden is the year-round care in your garden area. You should remove any weeds you find in the fall. Remove fallen and unripe vegetables from the soil. All of these vegetables are small seeds, which can lead to future problems if you do not get rid of them now. If you do not take this crucial step, you can remove hundreds of tomato seedlings next spring. After cleaning the garden, pour a few inches of compost into the garden and up. After three or four weeks, again, it slows down the weeds that bloom in the fall Assainissement île de France.

Go out to cultivate the land as soon as possible in the spring. Prepare the garden and take a break to get some rain in the spring. After about three weeks, prepare the surface again, process a little, break up the top three or four inches and crush all the sprouting seeds. When you cultivate the soil, it prevents the weeds from multiplying, and impairs the ability to spread. When planting the garden, be sure to plant the first two or three inches in all areas that are not planted once a week. Where you plant, you should get three to four inches of mulch on the surface to prevent germination of weed seeds.

When caring for the garden fruits that have been damaged or attacked by infected plants or insects should be removed. Leaving fruits and vegetables in the garden where they start to rot is a clear invitation to pests and unwanted diseases. If you are attracted to plants that have the disease, throw them away and do not throw them in the compost pile as this can cause problems in the future. It’s so easy to spend a few minutes every day testing and fixing problems, and then spending hours every week cleaning weeds.

Another component of a proper vegetable hygiene system is crop rotation. It is important to change your garden area and the place where you sow the crop each year. Planting the same type of vegetables in the same area every year is the cause of the disaster. The soil reduces some of the nutrients, but most importantly, pests and soil diseases can accumulate and start destroying your garden. So make sure the proper sanitary conditions of the vegetable garden and your garden will not only be more enjoyable but your crop will be more productive!


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