Main Rules About How to Create Cryptocurrency Exchange


Recent years have become really unusual for the financial market. The global pandemic and other aspects have contributed to an increase in interest in cryptocurrency. Many small companies have started to accept bitcoin payments, and the cost of one coin has grown to 60 thousand dollars. Moreover, experts believe that this segment is very promising and interest in cryptocurrencies will grow in 2022-2025. Obviously, such a liquid asset attracts the attention of many companies and traders. Brokers ask the question – how to create a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. This is not an easy procedure, and beginners should understand all the peculiarities and nuances of this process.

It is important to be aware of all the pitfalls when creating a cryptocurrency exchange. Because new entrants face tough competition. Knowledge can help you avoid pitfalls, cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Main Stages of Creating a Crypto Exchange

There are several required steps to create your own crypto exchange and start a cryptocurrency business. We invite you to read the instructions.

  1. Choosing a quality trading platform that suits you.
  2. Analysis of legal nuances and selection of the most attractive region for obtaining a license.
  3. Choosing an advanced cryptocurrency exchange software with excellent functionality and efficiency.
  4. Connecting reliable and secure payment systems, allowing you to accept cryptocurrency payments quickly and conveniently.
  5. Choice and cooperation with a good liquidity aggregator.
  6. Organization of professional support services and security services that protects the interests of the user.
  7. Implementation of innovative solutions allows you to be on the list of forex prime brokers.

These steps allow you to start a cryptocurrency exchange that looks reliable and secure in the eyes of the user. This is just a necessary step because you have to beat the competition against four hundred opponents. Obviously, newbies need to develop unique offers that are interesting to potential customers. Let’s think about how to attract investors.

Centralized and Decentralized Sites

One of the main principles of cryptocurrency is decentralization. But today, major market players are seeking regulation. Decentralized exchanges look less attractive in the eyes of a trader because here his interests are not protected. Moreover, such brokers face a number of limitations. This is why about 98% of platforms are centralized companies.

Compliance with the Legislation of the Selected Region

This will avoid various problems in the process of starting a cryptocurrency exchange. A platform that meets the main laws and requirements in the region is the most attractive for the target audience. Clients can rest assured that they are partnering with a reliable broker to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations. Try to show this advantage to your customers.

Quality Software Convenient for Users and Brokers

Professional traders love to be as efficient as possible. This is why choosing a quality white label crypto exchange software is an important step. Reliable software allows for high transaction speed and the ability to process more than 10,000 transactions per second. Moreover, the user-friendly CRM allows the broker to analyze platform functionality, detailed real-time reports, and customer behavior. It is also worth remembering the mobile versions, which give customers additional benefits. Newbies can also turn to white label FX companies for turnkey solutions.

Long List of Payment Systems

At first, only crypto payments were accepted for cryptocurrencies, and the user could not replenish the deposit with fiat currencies. This imposed restrictions on replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of funds. But today the market is too popular and attractive for users. This is why finding a quality crypto payment solution is so important. The broker must cooperate with reliable payment systems that allow you to deposit and withdraw money quickly, safely, and comfortably. Find a provider that deals with cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, banking systems, and e-wallets.

High Exchange Liquidity – One of The Main Factors of Success

You can start a cryptocurrency exchange as a market maker. In this case, the depth of the order book depends on the number of authorized clients and their orders. And if we are talking about unpopular cryptocurrency pairs, then here the demand may not match the supply, which will lead to a delay and price slippage. The second way is to choose a reliable liquidity provider that will become an ideal intermediary between large players (banks, investment funds) and a trader. This method provides access to large pools of liquidity. And this is an important aspect for newcomers to the market.

Reliable Protection System for Investors and Users

Many novice traders are eager to learn how to start a crypto exchange business and are exploring various strategies. But it is important to remember that you can lose money not only from bad deals but also from hacker attacks. Therefore, a cryptocurrency exchange must provide a high level of protection to its users. Segment leaders keep most of their assets in cold storage, which can significantly reduce the risk of hacking and theft of funds. Also, use two-factor authentication, white label cryptocurrency exchange software, and other tools that can effectively counter hacker attacks.

Non-Stop Development and Implementation of Innovative Solutions

You can create a cryptocurrency exchange, but you can only win the competition by being at the forefront. Analysis of the market, the desires of traders, and the constant introduction of new tools allow you to look as attractive as possible in the eyes of potential clients. You should offer the user the widest possible range of options and offer additional benefits (minimum spread, reduced commission, etc.). This is a great way to become one of the leaders.

Best Solution to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Now you know how to create a crypto exchange. But it is important to understand that this path can be traversed in three different ways.

  1. Rely on your own strength. This is a difficult and costly path. Because you will need a consultation with specialized lawyers, work with professional programmers to create a crypto exchange. Moreover, this project can be too long, and the lack of knowledge about nuances and pitfalls can lead to mistakes. This means losing the competition, losing time and money.
  2. Use open-source software. This is a more efficient solution, but it can also make starting a crypto exchange a tricky process. As a rule, such scripts do not have a lot of settings, and you will not be able to create an ideal product for yourself. Moreover, you have no guarantee that this is a good, bug-free code.
  3. Creation of a white label trading platform. Perhaps the best solution. After all, you can create the best white label cryptocurrency exchange by receiving turnkey solutions and a reliable partner who provides round-the-clock support.

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