The Role of a Business Analyst / Project Manager in IoT


What kind of skills / experience do PM/BA need to be able to complete the IOT (Internet of Things) Project?

IOT is a recent phenomenon and many businesses invest funds into IOT project to increase the efficiency of operations and allow automation. There is a rising demand for PMs and BAs for IOT project who have the required skills and experience

To enable requirement elicitation methods employed in IOT projects: in addition to the normal requirement workshops, we require the following techniques that are more proactive:

Observation technique

The ability to observe is essential in order to get requirements elicited for IOT project.

If a company has to initiate an IOT projects, they usually aren’t sure of what part of the project and how they make use of IOT. It is particularly important for the PM or BA to visit the site to observe the processes and activities of the business and determine areas that could benefit from IOT and suggest an idea to the business.

For instance, visit a shopping malls to observe the shoppers walk and shop in the mall, and then identify the areas where we can install an IOT Facial Recognition sensors to track the flow of traffic from customers to determine the gender, age, etc.

Business Process Analysis

It is a different method to use for an IOT project.

When we visit the site for a look at the processes we must employ a Process Analysis method to analyse the process and discover the ways IOT can be utilized to enhance the process’s efficiency

Business process improvement is usually implemented in conjunction in conjunction with IOT to further improve the procedure.

Below is a framework to determine processes / tasks that can be eliminated or reducing, enhancing, and also to create

In relation to the knowledge needed to be able to IOT project

The wireless network and server know-how

Wireless networks are used to collect data from IOT sensor and send it to IOT Hub and then to transfer information to the cloud or private server for IOT project. This knowledge is required in order to propose and discuss with clients the requirements for the server and network, as well as budget

Mindset of a Data Analyst

In the IoT project the data that is collected by the sensor within the area of onsite is then transferred back to the backend system for analysis. Therefore, we have to have a data-driven mindset to inform the client of the most valuable data we can collect and how we can analyze the data to gain insight.

Also, we need to present some dashboards in a beautiful design to our customers

This is a quick overview of BA abilities and the knowledge needed to be successful in an IOT project. I hope you find it useful to determine these crucial subjects to study further for your career as a PM/BA in an IOT project.

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