Review Of the Surface Studio Laptop by Microsoft 2021


Microsoft launched the all-new Surface Studio Laptop on the 22nd of September this year and we’re all here for it! You can defend that the Surface Laptop Studio is Microsoft’s best PC ever. The company set the launch price at $1,599.99.

About the Surface Studio Laptop

The screen is 0.7 inches thick and has a 14.4-inch PixelSense Flow display (2400 x 1600) that supports up to 120Hz and Dolby Vision. It is Microsoft’s new ‘Dynamic Woven Hinge’ that ensures the flexibility of the screen and makes the shifts between different modes super convenient for the users.

Buyers may choose between 16GB and 32GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of removable SSD storage. There are 4 USB ports with Thunderbolts 4 which ensure that users can connect to several 4k display screens, an external GPU in addition to high-speed external storage. The screen may not be detached from the keyboard and in our review, it helps us differentiate between the Surface Studio Laptop and the past launches with their tablet modes.

Introducing the 3 Modes!

The laptop has three modes suited for different tasks such as designing, binge-watching, gaming, sketching, etc. but the tech giant was careful not to introduce a mode called the ‘tablet’ mode.

The laptop is slightly on the heavier side when used independently of the keyboard; it may be tilted backwards for the creative processes. Microsoft calls this the ‘studio’ mode; now we know the reason behind the name ‘Surface Studio Laptop. Users ill be able to lay the screen completely flat in this mode. 

Next up there is the ‘stage’ mode for users to make presentations, stream shows or play games. Finally, there is the regular ‘laptop’ mode with a better touchpad and usability experience for the users.

With all the latest functionalities, Microsoft proudly has marketed the Surface Studio Laptop as perfect for gamers. In our honest review, it is the best choice for all the creative professionals out there too. The company has launched versatility and has given preference to satisfying users’ needs without compromising on the design

The Critics

The surface slim pen 2 has to be bought separately by the users and there is a section for keeping it in the base itself. The surface laptop is rather sturdy by nature owing to the company’s decision of moving the essential components to the base of the device. However, this does mean that the laptop will heat up and might transfer it to the surfaces underneath.

The technology-savvy ones will soon realise upon using the device that the operating system i.e. the windows software keeps the hardware from reaching its full potential of utilization. There is a scope for improvement in terms of aligning the software and hardware functioning.


Of all the Surfaces that the company has introduced to the world of technology, the Surface Studio Laptop is the most powerful and convenient in ways more than one. In addition to that, the aesthetic is very clean and elegant. The rounded corners make it easy for one to carry it around.

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