Quick fixes for overheating iPhone by Cell Phone Repair Store


If you are a smartphone user, you must have dealt with an overheating problem. This problem is common in smartphones, including iPhones and androids. This problem arises in summer when the temperature starts to increase. iPhone users usually complain that their phone is overheating or not charging. The heat your phone produces is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity moving through it, which, when mixed with summer temperature, causes more overheating. Hot Tech Repair, a Cell Phone Repair Store in Sacramento, offers a few quick fixes for overheating when it can’t take the heat anymore.

Charge your phone to 80%

First, one must charge their phone when the temperature is cool at night but don’t put it on a bed or pillow but on a flat surface. Another important thing is not to charge your battery fully to 100% every time because when you do that, you are reducing the lifespan of your battery because when your phone is fully charged, it applies to stress and overheats. Fully charged phones and sunlight? Not a good thing. It is suggested to charge your phone when it reaches 30% at least and let it charge up to 80%. When you do that, you treat your battery well, giving you double charging cycles. Also, zero charging affects the battery lifespan, so it is not good to let your phone’s battery run down to zero. 

Exposing to Sunlight

Leaving your iPhone exposed to direct sunlight by the pool for a whole afternoon is definitely not a good option if you care about your device and value the money you have invested in it. A cell phone should be kept in a place that is temperature friendly. 

Close unwanted apps

Some people have the habit of multitasking on their phones and opening multiple apps simultaneously, including websites and tabs. Cell phones are electronic devices that also need some rest from time to time. This is also one of the causes of overheating. The apps that are not in use should be closed, especially if you have a heavy game on your iPhone. Close it immediately to prevent it from overheating while charging your iPhone. 

Turn down the brightness

Phone repair stores advise keeping your phone to auto-brightness. It will automatically adjust the brightness according to the light. A phone shouldn’t be used at full brightness, so turn it down, especially when you are outside in the sun. It is not only harmful to your phone but also harmful to the health of your eyes. 

Updating Apps

It is important always to update your phone when any update comes. Apple repair store in Sacramento suggests that for iPhone, it is necessary to download recent iOS update because old updates have bugs and issues which causes glitches and can only be fixed with a new update. It will also make your phone work faster and smoother. 

Power Saving

To prevent your device from overheating, ensure that you are not watching videos and playing games for longer. It will take lots of processing power and might even slow down the processor, and if you demand work from a slow processor, it will definitely overheat. 

Are you an App hoarder?

If you are an app hoarder, think about it, and don’t be one. Delete all the apps that you don’t want on your phone. Turn off all the apps and notifications running in the background, and disable the location service from all the apps. Gathering Apps for no reason is not a good idea. 

Avoid using Bluetooth for long

Avoid using Bluetooth for longer, and ensure that you have disabled and disconnected it. If it automatically connects with Bluetooth devices or your car, disconnect the auto-pairing option.

Take your case off

Regarding mobile phones, a protective casing or a phone cover can trap the emitting heat from your mobile phone. So if you want to prevent your mobile phone from overheating, let it cool off by removing the casing of your phone and exposing it to air. 

Check the Charging Cable

If your mobile phone heats up only when you charge it, there might be a problem with your charging cable. Try to swap it out and see if the issue is fixed. If not, change your charging cable. Sometimes it is the adopter that has the issue. Make sure you have an original adaptor to charge your phone because fake ones are dangerous for your phone’s battery. 

Your favorite thing, a culprit?

A cell phone repair store in Sacramento suggests you search “phone overheats camera,”  and you’ll see many messages regarding this problem. The camera is your favorite thing on your phone, and it is sad to find out that it is the main culprit. This kind of heat occurs when you make long videos. So, immediately close the camera app if your phone is overheating and you have been filming something for the last 6-10 minutes. 

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