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Choosing a Trusted Online Slot Gambling Site

For friends who love online slot gambling gamesHowever, it is important to know how important it is to choose a reliable online gambling site. Lots of slot players complain about their bad experiences when playing on online gambling sites whose origins are unclear. Broadly speaking, the toughest obstacle is like what happened in the case of “Binary Options” fraud which is currently being discussed. This problem occurred when Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan were suspected of committing “fraud” in the name of trading, where in the end members suffered heavy losses. When you want to make a withdrawal of funds, it turns out that it can’t be done. The same thing might happen if you choose the wrong online gambling site. Many of the online slot players register and then play on online gambling sites with a convincing website display accompanied by attractive promos, but the fact is that when we win in an online slot gambling game and then want to make a withdrawal, it doesn’t go away. Even online slot players can be blocked from the site so that they cannot log in. It doesn’t stop there, there are many cases where contacts are also blocked from communication media such as unanswered e-mails, Whatsapp which only ticks one and also blocked phone calls.

Therefore, in order to prevent problems like this from happening to online slot players in Indonesia, Panen138 will discuss some tips for choosing a trusted online gambling site:

Searching for Online Slot Sites via Google

  • Do a search for online slot gambling provider sites via Google from our smartphone devices. Make sure to select only 3 sites that appear on page 1 only. Please note that Google is very selective in selecting and displaying the best sites slot online. Only a few trusted online slot gambling sites can appear in the top 3 rankings.
  • Beware of Invitations from Affiliates
    If friends get recommendations from other people about online slot gambling sites, make sure the reputation of the site is not just a story. Make sure beforehand in detail whether many members have transacted smoothly and safely on the site. There are many possibilities that some people recommend these online gambling sites just to get profit as an affiliate. Thus the person gets a bonus from the site if he manages to bring in new members. If we can confirm the track record of the slot site by looking at the transaction history of several friends, then it is worth trying.
  • Don’t be easily tempted by marketing promotions
    The case that is often experienced by many slot players in Indonesia is the large number of offers from the marketing team both via telephone and via whatsapp. If friends are interested in the promos offered by the marketing, don’t be in a hurry to register and then deposit. Do a further search about the online slot gambling site. Also make sure the slot games presented are products with internationally recognized licenses.
  • Experienced Customer Service (CS)
    Online slot sites with a reputation and experienced track record usually always have customer service (Customer Service) that is active 24 hours and is experienced to serve all the needs of their members. Starting from how to register, understanding each type of online gambling game, how to deposit & withdraw, bank information and other payment methods. With this customer service, the problems experienced by members such as: procedures for forgetting passwords, or other problems will be resolved by active CS services without any reason. Customer service is also required to use polite and friendly language, without any reason always focusing on handling every problem.
  • Safe Deposit & Withdrawal Method
    It is necessary to pay attention to the method of depositing funds (depositing) and withdrawing funds (withdraws), especially during bank offline hours. It is highly recommended that we make a deposit only during online bank hours. Pay close attention if the online gambling site where we play dares to accept a deposit during Bank offline hours, you should immediately cancel the deposit process and look for other online gambling sites that work according to good and safe procedures. You need to know that trusted online gambling sites will not process member deposits if the deposit money has not been entered into the bank account mutation. Trusted online slot sites will recommend their members to make a deposit during Bank online hours so that the deposit process is carried out immediately.
  • Providing the Best Online Slot Games
    Also pay attention to the providers of slot game types on online gambling sites before friends want to play & register. If the online gambling site does not inform the name of the provider of the game, we should not play on that site and immediately look for other online gambling sites. All trusted online slot sites do not hesitate to provide available provider information. This is so that every member feels safe to play online slots. Meanwhile, if there are problems while playing, each member can submit a complaint to the online slot site.

Panen138 Comes as a Trusted Online Slot Gambling Site

Panen138 is proud to be one of the most trusted online slot gambling sites in Indonesia. In 2022, we will rebrand from the previous “789BETS” to Panen138. We have been here to serve our loyal members since 2004. Along with technological developments and advances in the field of online games, Panen138 in 2022 is transforming into the best online slot agent. With an experienced CS team as well as an expert development team, Panen138 focuses on developing international class online slot games.

Panen138 presents a variety of amazing online slot games made by the best slot providers today, such as Pragmatic Play slots, Habanero, Slot88, Joker Gaming and so on. In order to provide a fun slot playing experience, every slot game can be easily played on any device smoothly. The slot games presented by Panen138 are very easy to play on smartphones, tablets and desktops. No big and fast internet data traffic is needed to access any of our online slot games.

As a trusted & experienced online slot gambling site, Panen138 provides many payment method options to make it easier for our loyal members to make deposits. Panen138 members can make deposits via the standard transfer method through well-known banks, e-wallet such as Go-Pay and OVO, and don’t miss out. We also provide deposit options via Telkomsel & XL credit.

With the online gambling platform “Nexus Engine”, Panen138 also makes it easy for all members to play other online gambling games besides slots with only 1 account (single login). This is a “one-stop solution”, because every member registered at Panen138 can easily play other popular online gambling such as: online poker, baccarat, LIVE Casino, Gaple online gambling, online lottery, or placing soccer bets through the SBO site.

7 List of the Best Online Slot Sites at Panen138

Slot games are currently becoming the “prima donna” and are a popular choice for gambling players in Indonesia. No exception for loyal members of Panen138. From our observations since the last 2 years, 85% of Panen138 members play online slots compared to other online gambling games.

To provide the best experience in playing slots, we provide an explanation of the best 2022 online slot sites from the world’s best slot game developer providers. Here’s a list of the best 2022 online slot sites currently at Panen138:

  1. Slot88 Online Slots
    This one slot provider / provider site first entered the Asian market before it was finally available on the trusted Panen138 online slot site. There are many choices of types of slot games made by Slot88 with oriental nuances or themes, very thick with mandarin ornaments according to the Asian market segment. With the slot’s RTP value and tantalizing jackpot, Slot88 has managed to become a popular choice for slot players in Indonesia. Several slot games from Slot88 such as: King Cat, Slot Jungle Jam, Year of OX and 88 Fortune
  2. Pragmatic Play Slots Online
    Pragmatic Play Slots is one of the most popular slots provider sites among Indonesian slot players. Many slot players know the game Sweet Bonanza, Wild West Gold, Gate of Olympus, all of which are slot games from the Pragmatic Play provider.
    The average RTP slot value on Pragmatic Play reaches 96%, it’s no wonder that many loyal Panen138 members play Pragmatic Play slots. With a world-class game development team, Pragmatic Play has succeeded in providing online slot games with high quality and anti-lag even when played on low-spec phones.
  3. Habanero Online Slots
    Habanero is an experienced online gambling game developer in the casino industry . With this long experience, Habanero has succeeded in developing the best online slot games. Directly targeting Indonesian slot players, Habanero currently provides exciting slot games such as: Lucky Durian Slot, Hot Hot Fruit and Mystic Fortune Deluxe.
  4. Microgaming Online Slots
    In the international market, the name Microgaming slot provider is already familiar. Microgaming is headquartered in the world’s gambling capital, the Isle of Man. In terms of developing slot game technology, Microgaming is at the forefront, not only providing a fun slot playing experience, the jackpot amount given by Microgaming is very large and promising. Even today, the record for the biggest slot jackpot is still held by Microgaming, which is 6 million dollars. Friends who register at Panen138 can play slots from Microgaming such as: Lucky Twins Wilds, Squealin’ Riches, Break Away Deluxe and dozens of other slot games
  5. Online Slots Pocket Gaming Soft (PG Soft)
    PG Soft has always been the best choice as a trusted online slot provider. This is based on PG SOft’s track record and experience in developing online-based gambling games. With a team of developers / game developers who are very experts in their fields, PG SOft has succeeded in providing the best slot games today such as: Mahjong Ways, Double Fortune, Dreams of Macau & Treasures of Aztec
  6. Joker123 Online Slots
    Having the official name Joker Gaming, this one slot provider is better known as Joker123 slot. Before finally being famous in Indonesia, Joker 123 was first popular in Thailand. Similar to Slot88 which targets the Asian market, the Joker123 slot carries a lot of mandarin themes in each of its games. Popular online slot games from Joker123 are: Power Stars, Lucky Drum, Golden Dragon and Hercules
  7. LIVE22 Online Slots
    The trusted online slot LIVE22 puts forward entertainment and a fun slot playing experience. The selection of online slot games made by LIVE22 is very entertaining with popular movie or anime characters among players. Call it the Men In Black International online slot, DragonBall and don’t miss the most popular online slot, Dragon FAFAFA

From the ranking above, it can be concluded that the online slot gambling game presented by the Slot88 provider is the best gacor slot for now. Here we present the best games based on all active members of Slot88:

  • King Cat, with a cat character with magical powers.
  • Jungle Jam, with a cute jungle animal theme.
  • Vking Treasures, with a classic Vikings theme
  • Year Of Ox, themed mandarin buffalo character.

One of the advantages of Slot88, especially for new players in online slot gambling games is the presentation of online slot gambling games with “Free Play Mode”. Thus we can play without using real money credits to try. From here we get the advantage to study the working character of the slot machine. One of the slot games that can be played for free is The Best American Casinos.

It is very important to know that the Slot88 provider in its RTP calculation is only at a rate of 99.69%, and all games are presented very, very fairly and are certified by the international gambling association. This means that only 0.31% of the profits are earned by online gambling sites and this includes the profits obtained by the Slot88 company itself. From here it is clear that profit is not only the main target of the Slot88 provider, but the satisfaction of the players is the main priority. In addition, slot games are presented attractively in terms of visuals and sound effects. Slot88 understands very well that winning is the most sought after to satisfy customers.

Bonuses and Jackpots in Online Slot Games

The following is a list of bonuses & jackpots that can be obtained in online slot gambling games :

  • Bonus rounds or features are mini-games found in online slots, in general they can be obtained if you manage to get a combination of symbols which are usually three similar symbols, it can also be a pair or more of certain symbols. Bonuses can also be obtained randomly when you play slots for a certain period of time in the same game.
  • Each number in the correspondent RNG (Random Number Generator) if it produces a combination that matches the bonus value determined by the game you choose, then you will get the winning value according to the multiplication of your partner’s value at that time. Symbol combinations can usually be obtained vertically or horizontally.
  • The bonus round tends to work in only two ways. The first way is that the game continues to run on the same reels where you play, it is likely that additional reels will appear so that it increases your chances of getting a win, plus a special symbol with a higher multiplication winning calculation. The second way is that a new set of reels with special settings will appear in the form of a pop-up only for this special round without cutting your credit if this feature is successfully obtained.
  • Jackpots on slots are prizes that always increase in nominal every time the game is played by any member. Every time a member makes a real money pair on the game, a bit of the value of the pair will be taken and added to the jackpot value. The jackpot value will continue to increase until the time comes when a very lucky member wins the jackpot and only one member is entitled to get the jackpot winning value.


Simple Tricks to Win Jackpot Online Slots

  1. Choose the machine with the highest win value.
  2. Study the slot machines with the highest RTP (Return to Player) values.
  3. Make a careful observation of the percentage change in the winning graph of the machine.
  4. Take advantage of the bonuses that online gambling sites offer for slot games.
  5. Age of the machine began to circulate in the market. Look for games that have been around for quite a long time and no member has managed to hit the jackpot.
  6. Pay attention to the game change cycle provided by online slot machine providers.
  7. Don’t play online slot games that the majority of slot gamblers don’t like.
  8. Don’t play only one type of slot game for too long.

Other Best Online Gambling Games Apart from Slots

We inform you that in one online gambling site , there are many other types of online gambling games that you can enjoy. It’s just that in 2022, the most popular are online slot gambling site games. This happens because:

  • Slots can be played by all people due to the low value of pairs that can be done compared to other online gambling products.
  • Even though there are so many choices of slot games, all online slot gambling have the same concept, which is a game of hunting for the best combination of symbols.
  • The game is the easiest to understand even if you are new to online gambling. It’s as easy as just setting a pair number and pressing the start button to play. Then wait for the best expected results. It’s that easy.

However, there is a side where if you play gambling games with the same concept, of course you will meet a saturation point too. Therefore, a good online gambling site will definitely provide other best online gambling games that are ready to entertain you. The games that must be available on the gambling site you choose are:

  1. Live Casino Online Gambling
    Games that provide an online gambling experience by presenting live dealers where you can visually see and listen to live streaming of online casino games. This aims to prove that the game you are playing is not an arrangement designed to harm you, instead the existence of a live dealer is to prove that the gambling game is running genuine using real money and as fairly as possible without engineering. Usually to convince you, there is a country phone number that is located at the location where the live casino is being held, you can call directly to that number and the phone number you use to call there will be displayed on your live casino screen,
    In addition to proving that the game is done fairly, you also get an experience where you feel like playing a visit to a land-based live casino such as those presented by Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, or other world’s largest casinos. This is because live dealers always provide cards, dice, tables, and whatever ornaments are needed according to land-based live casino standards. Even the clothes worn by the live dealer are also very professional with professional speech and movements in guiding the game.
    The games offered by the live casino include baccarat, roulette, sic bo, blackjack, and dragon tiger.
  2. Sports Bet Online Gambling
    Gambling games that involve all kinds of sports in the world. The most popular in Indonesian society for sports betting are football, basketball, and car and motorcycle racing. Not only these popular ones you can play with, there are also all kinds of other sports you can think of, you can find the market and you can make the match with the market value available at that time. It is also impossible for this sports betting to be engineered by the gambling site where you play, because you can check the results of the match in any media circulating in the world other than the platform of the online gambling site. In order to satisfy your desire in your passion for certain sports, good providers have provided not only major leagues that you can place bets on, but there is also a market for the leagues below, so there are lots of matches that you can keep an eye on the market. If you add it up, for 24 hours there will always be a market that is presented to you, especially in the type of soccer sports gambling game. Even in 2022, Esports, which is no less popular among teenagers, is also available in the market that you can use as well.
  3. Online Poker Gambling
    The only game where you can compete directly between members with online gambling sites only as a mediator. The task of the mediator (online gambling site) is only to ensure that this poker gambling game goes well without any interference and cheating in a fair manner without taking anyone’s side. In this type of online poker gambling, gambling sites only benefit from the percentage of wins each round played by members including you in it. In this type of online poker gambling, your skills will be tested in reading the steps of your opponent who is also a member of the provider where you play. Online gambling sites will also guarantee that whatever wins you get from your opponents will be paid out 100% according to the calculation of your winnings in the end. This type of online poker gambling game is a minimum that is played by two participants, and a maximum of nine people can be played at one poker table. You need to know, the more people there are at one poker table, the longer the game will take because it takes time for each member to think in making decisions. The fewer participants who are actively gambling at the same table as you, of course, the more exciting the game will run, balanced by the faster pace of the game, which means you will be much more active in playing without waiting for a long turn. then the game will be longer because it takes time to think by each member in making decisions. The fewer participants who are actively gambling at the same table as you, of course, the more exciting the game will be, balanced by the faster pace of the game, which means you will be much more active in playing without waiting for a long turn. then the game will be longer because it takes time to think by each member in making decisions. The fewer participants who are actively gambling at the same table as you, of course, the more exciting the game will run, balanced by the faster pace of the game, which means you will be much more active in playing without waiting for a long turn.
  4. Togel Online Gambling
    Broadly speaking, the concept is almost similar to the Sports gambling game. The similarity is that the results of this lottery can be checked through other sources, namely through the official website of the lottery according to the country where the lottery takes place. The lottery that is very popular with Indonesian people is the Singapore lottery and the Hong Kong lottery. Togel gambling is a game where you guess the numbers that will come out that day. If your guess is correct, then you are entitled to win multiplication of the winnings according to your partner’s nominal.



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