How do airports and the airline industry use QR codes today?

The airline industry suffered terribly as the pandemic forced countries to impose lockdowns, border controls, and social distancing.

A Statista survey revealed that in 2021, the worldwide aviation sector boarded only approximately 2.2 billion passengers. That’s a staggering 50% decline from 2019’s global air passenger traffic.

But since the rollout of vaccines, countries have eased strict travel restrictions, and now, people can travel through the skies once more.

To guarantee the safety of their passengers and crew, airports and airlines strictly implement health and safety measures such as reducing physical contact.

One effective way to promote contactless solutions is by using a QR code generator online to launch various QR code-powered services.

9 QR code use cases for airports and airline companies

You might be wondering how the aviation sector uses QR codes. In that case, here are nine examples to help you out.

1. Scan to book (and more)

Airline companies can use a URL QR code to redirect customers to their official website. Here, they can check flight schedules, fare rates, and easily book tickets.

The QR code can also reroute them to a page where they can reschedule their flight or ask for a refund if they cancel.

Offering this service provides convenience to customers since they can transact with the airline company wherever they may be.

2. COVID Information

QR codes can help spread awareness on remaining safe when traveling or in public places.

They can also show people how to thoroughly wash their hands or properly wear a mask.

Airport staff can print QR codes and place them on walls or glass doors so passengers can see them immediately.

3. Cashless payment method

Did you know that paper bills are dirtier than your toilet at home? This is highly alarming, especially when a disease can spread by touch.

Airline companies can set up a QR code for payment on their website so passengers who book online can instantly pay for their tickets.

This alternative can also work in gift shops and food stalls inside an airport. It’s easier for customers to scan a QR code to pay for items than to take their wallets out and get money, especially with bags and luggage in tow.

4. Instant Wi-Fi access

Waiting for a flight can be a bore, but offering free Wi-Fi puts everyone at ease.

Here’s the problem, though: finding the correct Wi-Fi network is often difficult, not to mention unsafe.

Airports can upgrade their services using a Wi-Fi QR code that instantly provides Internet access to passengers after scanning it. No need to manually type complicated passwords: just scan and connect.

5. Parking

Airports can also implement a QR code payment system for parking fees.

Aside from that, a QR code showing the parking area map can guide people to see the vacant parking spots around. How convenient.

6. Digital boarding pass

Airlines can provide a PDF QR code to passengers instead of having them print their plane tickets, boarding passes, and other flight documents.

Staff will only scan the QR code with a smartphone to view passengers’ details and check their tickets and passes.

This innovation saves passengers from long queues and contributes to the paperless movement.

7. Video guides

Flight attendants would always perform a pre-flight safety demonstration to brief passengers on the safety features of the plane and things to do in an emergency.

But some people are not really paying much attention, or tend to forget what was discussed. Here’s when a video QR code can help.

The video QR code can redirect passengers to a pre-recorded video demonstration so they can watch the airline safety instructions at their own pace.

8. Airline feedback

How was your flight? Did you enjoy our services? These two questions are crucial to any airline company.

Feedback allows them to know how to improve their services. Also, they can use positive reviews to convince people to fly with them.

Airlines can set up a feedback QR code to quickly collect passengers’ reviews and suggestions. It will bring a scanning end-user to a survey form they can quickly fill out on their device.

9. Increase airline app downloads

Some airline companies develop exclusive apps where passengers can book tickets, ask questions, and check for promos and freebies.

An app store QR code can help these companies promote their app so that more people will download them. This can potentially increase their number of passengers, too.

QR codes: helping airlines fly high once more

The airline industry became trapped in COVID’s cage back then. But as the world fought the pandemic, it has managed to get out and fly again.

QR codes are providing airline companies an extra boost to fly even higher than before. If you work at an airline company, choose a reliable QR code generator with logo software with ISO 27001 certification, so you’re sure that your company and customers are always safe and secured.


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