Places to Visit in Delhi and Enjoy For Youngsters


    If you are new in Delhi and have moved to pursue education or higher education, the first issue is to look out for accommodation. The perfect choice for students can be hostels in Delhi. They are a comprehensive accommodation that offers all amenities along with food. It happens to be a safe place to reside for young students as compared to PGs or rented accommodations.

    Once you are sorted about the college admissions and hostel, it is time to explore the new city, which is going to be your home for the next few years. Delhi is one of the most beautiful cities with a blend of the old and new city. There are amazing sightseeing places that are worth exploring and enjoying. Today we will have a look at amazing places in Delhi that Youngsters would love to visit:

    This happens to be one of the coolest hangout places in Delhi. It is a cool south Delhi Neighbourhood place that is visited by many youngsters and college students. It is one of the fun places that you can visit with friends in Delhi. It is an exciting place, and you will find a lot to explore. You will keep on visiting the place time and again.

    You will get to see the beauty of the fort overlooking the lake. It happens to be a nice picnic spot, and there are amazing cafes and restaurants as well.

    • Connaught Place

    This is the most popular and happening place in Delhi. Once you are in Delhi, it should be one of the first places to visit. In fact, the mention of Delhi is incomplete without Connaught place. All the youngsters come and hang out here. It is the best place for spending a lazy afternoon with friends and chilling out. 

    It is the perfect place for window shoppers as well as compulsive shoppers. Whether you like gourmet dishes or wish to hog on fast food, you will find it all. There is Palika Bazaar, CCD, Wenger’s Bakery, and more to explore. 

    • India Gate

    India Gate needs no introduction. It is the pride of our country and not just Delhi. It also happens to be a popular picnic spot for youngsters and families. The vast lovely laws are best for spending lazy afternoons. You can also enjoy a boat ride with friends in the lake. Youngsters love to hang around India gate and take some beautiful selfies for social media. It is open all day with a minimal entry fee.

    • Garden Of Five Senses

    The five senses garden is a perfect place if you wish to enjoy some time amidst greenery and nature. The garden is spread across sprawling 20 acres and is a visual delight. The rocky park has different theme sections such as Mughal Gardens and more. It is a fun and attractive place. It is a peaceful place to visit alone or with friends. There is a shopping centre here along with cultural activities and Garden Tourism Festival. You can also relish delicious meals in nearby restaurants, namely Flo and Magique.

    • Jantar Mantar

    No matter which part of the country you live in, you must have heard of the Jantar Mantar. It is a popular hangout place for college kids as they can spend hours here without getting bored. It is a huge natural observatory built by King Jai Singh of Jaipur for revising the astronomical calendar and tables of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. 

    Jantar Mantar can also predict the path of the sun, moon, and planets. There are 13 astronomical instruments built in its structure. 

    • Qutub Minar

    If you love historical monuments, the famous Qutub Minar is a must-visit place. You can also have fun there is it a good hangout place. Enjoying some moments sitting beneath India’s iconic landmark monuments is a one-of-its-kind experience. The 73 meters tall monument is almost 800 years old. 

    • Delhi Eye

    Delhi eye is a gigantic wheel just like the world-famous London Eye. It is perfect for people who enjoy thrill and adventure. You get the ride in the AC cabin, and the view from the highest point is surreal. Youngsters can enjoy here a lot with their friends. You will get to see Akshardham Temple, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and much more from the Delhi Eye. 

    There are several other places that you can enjoy in Delhi and explore over the duration of your stay in the city. Delhi is a fun city to live in and enjoy your college life. Once you find a great option to stay from hostels in Delhi for students, the rest of your journey will become much easy over time. The people here are warm and welcoming. Delhi is truly Dil walo ki city!