Parquet Wooden Flooring Can Give You a Perfect Floor Look


The best part of parquet wooden flooring is that it is extremely easy to install, providing you have enough space for it. It is a very attractive option for any home, and you can even use it in a commercial setting. It is best to lay a flat and sturdy subfloor, because uneven surfaces may cause visible flexing. Also, parquet wooden floors should never be cleaned with wood furniture dusting products, as they will damage the surface. If you do not have a good enough space for the installation of parquet floors, you can always opt for vinyl flooring.

Another type of Parquet is the Herringbone pattern

This is the original design and has stood the test of time. You can choose Parquet Flooring either wide or narrow planks, depending on the style you want to create. Using different angles will create a different vibe depending on how you lay the floor. You can choose whichever style you want to use, and FAME HARDWOOD in Los Angeles, CA has the largest selection of high-quality flooring.

If you’d like to create an upscale look in your home, you can choose between the traditional and contemporary versions of parquet wood flooring. Basketweave floors are very popular and are made to mimic the fibers of a rattan basket. Square planks are intermixed with rectangular ones to make full-length interior planks. Brick pattern floors are another type of parquet floor that lines up wooden planks in square rows. Each brick is perpendicular to the one after it. Some even mix various shades of wood together to achieve a stunning look.

When it comes to choosing the right style 

You can find many beautiful choices in parquet wood flooring. While some styles are better than others, there is a certain type of Parquet wood flooring for every room in the house. The most popular ones include herringbone and Chevron. They combine geometric shapes with wood species to create a beautiful texture.

The best style for your home is a combination of wood species and patterns. It has the added benefit of giving you the perfect floor look for your home. When choosing a parquet floor, you should keep in mind that it requires more care than strip flooring. In winter, the wood should be protected from moisture. In addition, the floors should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Wearing high heels on these floors is also detrimental.

You can choose the type of wood used for parquet wood flooring

That best suits your room’s decor. For instance, herringbone flooring is laid at a 90-degree angle. It provides a more structured feel while allowing for more flexibility in installation. The classic Chevron style is also a popular style of Parquet wood flooring. It has a distinctive ‘V’ shape and is a great choice for rooms that have small or large spaces. In addition, it looks lovely in both light and dark wood shades.

Depending on your preferences, there are various ways to install parquet wood flooring. In many cases, the tiles are laid in parallel rows, but the patterns are not identical. Moreover, the colors of the wood can vary. You can also use different kinds of wood tones in different rooms. You can choose a floor that matches your decor. The key is to choose a style that works for your home.


Hard maple is a popular choice for parquet wood flooring. Its open grain pattern and light texture make it a popular choice among people with midcentury modern-style homes. Although this type of wood is expensive, it is still a durable option. You can refinish ash wood if you choose solid wood. However, engineered wood is more resistant to wear and tear.