Open Vs Enclosed Car Shipping: Which to Choose


When choosing between open and enclosed auto transport options to ship your car, the main deciding factors include cost and time constraints.

Open shipping involves transporting your car on a two-level trailer (you may have seen them driving down the highway), which allows multiple cars to be loaded at once and is therefore suitable for standard vehicles.

Why Choose Car Transport Services?

Driving over long distances puts undue wear and tear on both your vehicle and you as the driver, which can result in expensive repair bills or added stress. A great car transport company will save you from this by shipping your car directly to its new destination.

Most transport companies will offer customers various options when selecting their transport provider, from open trailer transport to enclosed carrier transport for higher value vehicles. It is essential that you find a company which meets both of these needs as well as your schedule requirements. Check out the Bench Craft Company Lawsuit – A Detailed Analysis

Another key aspect is how quickly companies respond to your questions and concerns. 

A company that takes too long in responding could cause delays further down the line when you require answers quickly. Reputable transport companies usually have agents available 24/7 who are there to answer your queries and assist you throughout the process.

One last factor to keep in mind when selecting an auto transport company is their fleet of carriers and trailers. 

Many auto transport brokers don’t own their own fleet of trucks; they work with a network of carriers who they partner with so that they can pair you with one suitable for your vehicle type and shipping timeframe, which could make the difference between an enjoyable or unpleasant experience.


Open auto shipping can be a more cost-effective method, due to more vehicles fitting on one trailer at one time and saving both labor and fuel expenses. Furthermore, open carriers cover a wider array of routes than enclosed carriers do.

Your type of car can also play a factor in making this decision. For example, enclosed shipping might be beneficial if you own an antique or exotic model that needs to remain pristine during transport; enclosed transport could also provide extra peace of mind if sending race cars off track or transporting Corvettes for winter storage.

Open shipping utilizes large two-level trailers you might see driving down the highway; these resemble larger versions of eighteen-wheelers and work for any standard vehicle. Unfortunately, your car may be subjected to weather elements, dust, and road debris while traveling in this way. You can visit this site for tips on how to repair minor vehicle damage yourself.


Both open and enclosed car shipping methods involve transporting vehicles via truck. 

While both options offer similar transportation times and costs, open transportation tends to be less costly and faster, due to having larger carriers with greater scheduling flexibility that regularly use their fleets.

Open transportation involves shipping your car on a two-level trailer. It’s the most commonly used method and suitable for transporting standard or used models alike.

Enclosed transportation utilizes a single or two car trailer that resembles an eighteen-wheeler for shipping vehicles that require enclosed protection against weather elements and flying road debris. 

People that choose this method of shipping typically possess restored classic or exotic cars they wish to transport; the enclosed environment protects these from possible weather elements or flying road debris damage while increasing security at their destination. 


Enclosed auto transport uses a fully enclosed trailer for maximum vehicle protection against external factors, including road debris. Unfortunately, however, this option can be more costly than open transport. This is an important factor to consider when you look at Open or enclosed shipping for your vehicle. Open shipping allows more vehicles to fit onto one truck or trailer at once, making the cost-cutting option ideal for those on tight budgets.

If your vehicle is particularly valuable, enclosed shipping may offer added protection and ensure its safe arrival at its final destination.

When selecting a company to ship your car, be sure to read reviews and ask for recommendations before selecting an ideal service provider. 


Insurance is an integral component of car shipping. Every auto transport company must hold liability coverage and an MC number issued by the Department of Transportation before operating in the US; however, policies from different carriers can differ considerably. 

For this reason it’s wise to consult an agent from each shipping company you consider before selecting one. You can click the link: to learn more.

Ensure you understand exactly which damages and claims may or may not be covered before making your choice.

If you are considering hiring a car shipping broker, ensure they offer additional insurance. While fewer than five percent of cars experience damage during transport, being prepared can bring peace of mind.