Free Online Courses That Helps You To Build Your Business Skills


If you have a learning habit so here, I am going to disclose some free online courses that help you to build your knowledge and skills. 

As we all know the internet world is very big. We can learn on the internet thousands of skills that are suitable for our career. Many people are unknown for these free online courses. I have seen many students and even professional people trapped in paid courses offered by many people by using social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. 

So, please don’t waste your money on unnecessary online courses and let’s know about free online courses that help to build your Business Skills.

Free Digital Marketing Course From Google

Marketing skills are very necessary if you are going to start your business or want to do Job. As we know marketing means the study of management, selling of goods and services with proper market research and advertising. 

In the same way, digital marketing encompasses all marketing strategies with the help of the internet. Today we have many digital channels to reach out to targeted audiences such as Search engines, social media, email and many more. 

If we talk about the daily active user in the world then this number is more than 4.57 billion people. Now you can imagine digital marketing is an excellent medium to grow your business.

Google provides a free digital marketing course with a certificate. If you want to do the same course from a paid website so they will charge from 10k to 30k fee or some time this fee can be high. 

So, Google free digital marketing course is best for you to do it free and enhance your marketing skills in a smarter way. 

Google provides you 40 hours classes in video form and after completion of the course, you will get the Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited certificate. 

It provides you 26 modules that include social media marketing, discovers the possibilities of mobile, content marketing, email marketing, advertises on the other website, online video marketing, web analytics, e-commerce sales etc.

Diploma In E-Business From Alison

First, discuss Alison, so Alison is a free online course or educational platform and this platform always focuses on workplace-based skills. Currently, they have 1,500 courses available.

You can learn all about E-business from Alison that helps you to grow your business skill free. This is a 6-10 hours course with the assessment. 

E-business free online course of Alison teaches you about the different aspects of An E-commerce and how E-commerce skills are very important nowadays and in upcoming years. 

This course includes 15 modules, some are Introduction to building an online business, google webmaster, marketing online, using Google AdWords, Google Adsense and many more.

Free Online Advanced Excel 

If you belong to the business field, excel skills are very necessary. You can learn free advanced excel from many websites like Coursera and Udemy. YouTube is also the best medium to learn Excel skills without paying.

Free Business Courses From U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. SBA is a government organisation that helps small businessmen and entrepreneurs to do business. SBA offers 18 courses to build your business empire. 

You can do courses free of cost with certificates. Some courses offered by the U.S. SBA are Competitive Advantage, Finding and attracting investors, how to write a business plan, pricing strategy, Marketing 101: a guide to winning customers, market research and many more. 

Business Communication Course

Communication is a very important part of a Business without better communication it’s not easy to grow your business or career.

You can learn free business communication courses from Google Courses and many other websites like Alison, Coursera. 

Google business communication course provides you with how to write an email, memo, presentation, report and many more for effective communication in the organisation and with your clients.

Free Inbound Marketing With Hubspot

First, let’s understand what is Inbound Marketing, so it is a method or technique of attracting your targeted customer with the help of creating valuable content, SEO, social media marketing, branding and many more. 

You can learn this course free from the Hubspot. It provides you with 11 lessons in 37 videos with 4:28 hours of duration. After completing this course you will understand the core tactics of inbound marketing and many more.

Financial Markets With Coursera

This free course will help you to build your financially-savvy leadership skill. 

It takes 27 hours for 7 modules that include Capital Asset Pricing Model, behavioural finance, pricing, debt, inflation, forecasting, stocks bonds, share, exploring recessions bubbles, the mortgage crisis, new innovation in financial markets and many more. 

Free Diploma In Operations Management Course

You can learn operation management from Alison with 5-6 hours of duration online classes and earn a certificate.

This course will help you to understand the role of an operations manager and helps to manage to deliver your business goods or services to your targeted customer.  

This module includes an introduction to Operations Management, Decision Making, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Supply Chain Management, Lean Production Systems and many more. 

Diploma In Human Resources

As we know if we want to grow our business, we must have human management skills for better productivity. 

Alison gives you a free Diploma in Human Resources course of 8-10 hours with certification. You can build your HR skills and create a harmonious relationship between employees and your organisation goals.

As we know HR management is a very effective and crucial factor in any organisation for achieving organisational goals. Its modules include Introduction of HRM, Recruitment Process, Interview Process, Training and Development etc.

Technical Writing Essentials Course

This course is best for everyone because it helps to enhance your professional style of writing. This course is free available on Alison with 2-3 hours duration. It’s module includes Basic Technical Communication, Professional Style, Document Design, Research Method etc.

Free Diploma In Public Relation

This course is Free available on Alison and it helps you to learn best practices of effective public relations. The course duration is 10-15 hours. This is a very effective course to build your PR skills.

We hope this article will help you to build your business skill free of cost. Apart from this, you can learn lots of skills from YouTube.

Try to analyze the business model of other businesses, for instance the Udaan Business Model, Byjus Business Model, The business model of Alibaba group and many more from the internet. 

Always try to learn new skills if you really want to achieve success in your field.