OctaFX Deposit Bonus Review: Why Should You Try It?

OctaFX, a Forex broker that is not regulated at all, offers a 50% bonus to new clients who register. This company operates internationally and provides Forex trading services to Forex traders from over 80 countries. The broker offers trading access to multiple assets, including stocks, CFDs and Forex currency pairs. It also has competitive terms. The OctaFX deposit bonus complete review is available.

OctaFX clients can only receive a 50% deposit bonus. The promotion is only valid for a short time and must be accepted by brokers. Only new clients can open Micro or Pro accounts, and deposit at least 50 US Dollars.

We recommend that you check out XM’s 50% deposit bonus, as the bonus terms and condition are not very simple and convenient.

OctaFX Deposit Bonus Information

OctaFX’s deposit bonus terms can be a little confusing. The deposit bonus terms are explained in detail, but it is not easy to understand. Let’s break it down further.

You will receive a deposit bonus of 10%, 30% or 50% depending on the amount you deposit. This means that you can trade with much more money than what you originally deposited. You can trade with much more money than you have deposited, considering the broker’s maximum leverage at 1:1000. Let’s look at this in context. Let’s say you have just made $1000 deposit. This makes you eligible to receive a 50% bonus. So you agree. You now have $1,500 in your account. However, with more leverage, you can trade up to $1.5 million per trade.

You need to be aware of the risks. This could mean huge profits but also terrible losses. The broker may also have one restriction. The 1:1000 leverage is only available to people who are from Bangladesh, Indonesia or Malaysia. The 1:1000 leverage is only available to MT4 accounts. This may seem like an issue. The broker is focused on these countries mostly. However, regardless of where you are, you will still be eligible for the 50% deposit bonus.

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How OctaFX deposit bonus works

Let’s look at the clear guidelines for what traders need to do in order to get the bonus.

  1. Register for the broker’s Pro or Micro accounts
  2. Minimum deposit of $50
  3. Apply to get your bonus
  4. Trade immediately

There are no tricks, such as mandatory emails to brokers and the like. If he suspects that your account activity is suspicious, the broker can cancel your Bonus. This information is all included in the terms and conditions. Don’t be surprised if it happens to you. You can always contact OctaFX customer service to report it. They’ll respond as quickly as possible.

It’s also important to remember that the bonus isn’t permanent. If you deposit $100, $50 will be credited as a bonus. However, withdrawing $100 of bonus money will cancel the bonus. If you trade often, however, you can withdraw your profits immediately without disabling any bonus.

You can withdraw your OctaFX deposit bonus

The most difficult part of trading is withdrawing your bonus amount. Brokers will often require you to trade more than what you receive as a bonus. OctaFX doesn’t make things super difficult, but it still requires clients to meet a large volume requirement. Once you have met the trading requirements, the broker will let you withdraw your bonus funds. This will depend on how much you deposit and get. It is only for trading. You shouldn’t take the bonus as it can limit your ability to trade high volumes and make higher profits.

Is the OctaFX deposit bonus good?

It is a better deal than most brokers when you consider all the features. It is not the best deal, but it is an excellent idea considering the quality and services of the broker.

OctaFX managed to add a great feature to its bonus, allowing you to withdraw your bonus after a certain trade amount. And, most importantly, it was easy to access. Although you may not agree all the time with the features such as filtering customers for leverage, it is still one the best deals in the industry.


FAQs about OctaFX deposit bonus

  • How can I claim my OctaFX Bonus?

Open a trading account with OctaFX, and deposit at least 50 US Dollars. You will receive a bonus for every dollar you deposit. The broker will offer you a deposit bonus of 10%, 20% or 50% depending on how much you have invested. To withdraw the bonus amount you must first meet the trading volume requirements.

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