Most reliable location tracking app for parents


FamiSafe parental control app Helps the parents to know the exact add live location of their child with the help of an appropriate mapping system. it is among the most appropriate tools for parental control and has full oversight of your child’s location and the location history of them.

The location tracker app is a highly secure app that comes from one of the leading technology civilizations, that has won the Hertz of many people globally and has built a name for itself. This application helps the parents to track their kids 24/7 and even helps them in making their child safe throughout the day.

Advantages of using the FamiSafe parental control app and location tracker

1.  This app provides you the exact and real-time location of your child.  The real-time location is shown with the help of geographical Maps containing latitudes and altitudes that help the parents in knowing the location of their child exactly.


  1. The location is the timeline feature of the location tracker app helps and makes a very brilliant app to be used by the parents who want to control the location of their child. the location history is capped up too many weeks and the parents can see it after the whole busy day of them to know the places that are visited by their child in the whole day.
  2. The GPS tracker system and Geo fences boundary help the parents in making a virtual boundary around the child. These virtual boundaries are the boundary set by the parents that are not to be crossed by the child without getting permitted by their parents since the parents will be notified when the child enter or exit Geo fenced area. 

4. The parent can also schedule the time of their child entering a certain place. If your child leaves over enters a specific area then the time is noted by the application and the parents get an instant alert about the location of their child. If your child enters or leaves a certain area before and after the parents have decided to then the instant notification is also notified on the device of parents.


  1. If your child leaves or skips classes and school then the parents can easily be notified with the help of real-time location settings given to you by the location tracker app. the parents can now easily know the real-time location of their child.

Awards gained by hard work of location tracker app

The location tracker app has been the winner of the national parenting products award 2020 and has celebrated its excellence all over the world. The failsafe parental control app has also been dignified by the seal of approval awards from the national parenting center worldwide. It has also got an honoring Excellence Award from the Mom’s Choice Awards.

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Premium plans offered by location tracker app

FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app offered the parent 3 types of premium packs. The packs can be annual, monthly, or quarterly. There is also a free trial of 3 days given by the company that costs the user about nothing. A free 3-day trial provides the user with all the features of the application and even permits the user to use them easily.

  • The annual plan costs about $59.99 per year this is equivalent to $4.99 per month. This gives the user connectivity of up to 30 devices. This means that the user can protect up to 30 different devices with the help of choosing this premium plan.
  • The second plan offered is the quarterly plan. The quarterly plan costs about $19.99 per quarter and this price is equivalent to $6.66 per month. This even gives the user connectivity of 10 devices to be protected and to be tracked on.

The monthly plan provided by the location tracker app costs the parent about $9.99 per month and can give the user connectivity of up to 5 devices to protect them.





We have discussed here all the benefits and pricing plans given by the application. this is a very user-friendly app and if permission to run as administrator is granted to the application then it cannot be uninstalled by your child. FamiSafe parental control app is a very reliable parental control app that helps the parents in fairly simple surveillance on their child.

It also allows the features like a GPS tracker and history location checker To run on the device of your child. It does not require any extra surveillance by the parents and it does work with the settings of location history timeline that the parents can see the locations visited by their child in the whole day. This is a very inexpensive app in comparison with its competitors and has helped many people in knowing the current live location of their child.