How To Effectively Manage A Mobile Workforce With Field Force Automation


Mobile workforce also often referred to as the field workforce, is the foundation and the mainstay of a variety of industries like banks insurance companies, banks Consumer electronics corporations and many others. A well-equipped field force can help companies boost sales, retain customers and respond quickly to customer needs.

But managing an on-the-move and dispersed workforce is not without many challenges like real-time tracking of tasks, attendance management daily work completed communicating barriers, making sure that data is accounted for, timely work submission etc. managing this for a huge field workforce is an overwhelming job.

With the use of modern technology for field force automatization, such like Imprint , companies can eliminate the stress of managing a mobile workforce. With a software like Imprint, any company can track in real-time the location of their employees, as well as other vital data needed to ensure seamless operation and high-quality.

In this article we’ll provide you with in-depth information about what an automation performance of field forces system aids you in managing your field force that is mobile. Continue reading to learn more.

How Does An Automated Field Force Automation Tool And Mobile Workforce?

Simply stated simply, a field force management tool is a piece of software that is designed to aid organizations in coordinating their mobile workforce processes. Field force automation tool typically comes with an online dashboard that gives an overview of all visits, tasks expense clients’ meetings, the leave schedules for each field employee.

It also comes with an app for mobile field workers, which allows employees and employers to communicate and collaborate effectively. It assists field agents with effective beat plan tasks, the management of tasks, a central knowledge base, and efficient lead management.

Field service management software helps to bridge the gap in communication that many companies experience due to a lack of a system that is properly designed and streamlined. According to a study, American companies lose approximately 500 billion dollars annually because of miscommunication within their teams.

The latest technologies utilized in the field to provide automated solutions don’t just assist the authorities in monitoring the progress of work but also help ensure that employees are productive and accountable. Employees are aware that they are being watched and thoroughly. Hence even for field workers efficiency and reliability are not a second place to reliability and productivity.

Features Of Field Force Automation That Helps Manage A Mobile Workforce Seamlessly

Field Force Automation is a powerful tool that has a range of options to make employees on the move more accountable than employees working in a workplace.

Real-time Location Tracking

Field Force Automation software allows you to track the locations for your workers in real-time. Managers can now monitor their field workers to ensure that all tasks are completed in time. Additionally, employees are able to quickly inform managers of meeting minutes by uploading them onto Imprint App. 

Comprehensive Dashboard

The extensive dashboard of Imprint lets the team managing Imprint get any information they require regarding visits to clients schedules, work assignments and leave schedules, costs and more. In addition, you will receive comprehensive reports and analyses of region-wise forecasting and planning of goals for sales as well as expenses and revenue.

Nearly all industries that have mobile employees, including telecoms, FMCGs, banks, construction and construction, transport and supply chain pharmaceutical companies, etc. require these services to ensure a smooth flow of work and increase efficiency of workforces to a significant extent.

Expense & Reimbursement Management

A company that has employees who are mobile has to manage a variety of expenses which include employee expenses. Employee expense is among the most costly. But, virtually all businesses have had problems with false bill presentations or corporate resources being used to pay to benefit personal benefits, other similar issues. In addition, employees have to go through the stress of obtaining reimbursements, bill submissions and more.

It is possible to say goodbye to these issues, since Imprint, a field-service management application like Imprint comes with expenses and reimbursement management capabilities that require just a couple of clicks to send bills, look them over and then get the approval or denial notification.

The features for managing expenses let employees record dates and amounts, types of reimbursement as well as notes for peace of mind between the parties.

Attendance Management

One of the most common problems of businesses with mobile workers is the misrepresentation of attendance. If you don’t have a solid software like Imprint it’s difficult to keep track of the exact time employee’s attendance. However, Imprint offers an attendance management feature that allows managers to keep track of the time employees clock into and out of work as well as when they take breaks and whether they’re sticking to their schedules. Managers are able to easily track employees’ location on a map and ensure that they’re following their work schedules when they log into.

Based on these detailed statistics businesses can monitor the performance of each member of their field employees and take steps to ensure high efficiency and a higher ROI for the staff.

Additional Features To Aid In Smooth Operations

In addition to the features mentioned above, Imprint provides lots of additional options, such as analytics and reports and visit route scheduling, schedules and task assignments as well as the digitization of paperwork lead and client management and more.

A extensive set of features can eliminate communication gaps, monitors the progress of employees in real time, and allows companies to manage their mobile workforce better, increase productivity, and boost productivity.

How do I understand field force automation and how will it benefit my company?

field force automation refers to the application of technology and software to simplify and improve the management of mobile workers. It helps organizations with immediate tracking, better communication, improved task management, and higher productivity among field employees. It allows organizations to conserve time and resources while also ensuring smooth operations.

Canfield Force Automation be tailored to meet our particular industry or business requirements?

The majority of field force automation software like Imprint is highly adaptable to accommodate the specific requirements of various industries. They can be customized to fit your company’s process, reporting needs and data collection techniques which makes them a flexible solution for a variety of industries.

Do you have data security as a concern when you use field force automation tools to monitor surveillance of employees?

Data security is an important factor to take into. Field force automation systems that are trusted use solid security measures to guard sensitive data. This is typically encrypted as well as role-based access control and periodic security updates. It is essential to select an established service provider and take all the necessary security measures to protect your information.

What can field force automation affect morale and security of employees?

Automation of field force can at first create concerns regarding employee privacy and morale. But, if it is implemented in a transparent manner and in a clear manner it could actually increase the trust of employees. Being aware that they are monitored can encourage employees to be more productive and accountable. A clear and transparent explanation of the goals of monitoring could ease privacy worries.

What is the price factors to consider when you implement an automated field force system?

The cost for automating field forces can depend on the company as well as the capabilities you need. The factors that affect cost are the amount of employees you have and the amount of customization required, as well as the ongoing service and maintenance. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that investing in automation for field workers typically results in substantial cost savings through enhancing efficiency, and decreasing the chance of errors and miscommunication among your workforce that is mobile.

These FAQs and answers will assist readers to gain a greater knowledge of the advantages and practical advantages of automation for field forces for managing an agile workforce.

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