6 Reasons to Choose LOGIX for Business Phone Service


LOGIX is the premier provider for business phone service in Texas. With more than 265,000 miles of fibre throughout the state, LOGIX connects more than 10,000 of the most demanding businesses.

Business VoIP Phone Service

When it comes to providing reliable and cost-effective business phone service, many companies choose business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service with a hosted private branch exchange (PBX). Business VoIP phone service gives companies the same advanced phone features previously only available to Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.

Business phone service no longer requires an expensive capital investment. It is delivered via the internet, which enables greater flexibility and eliminates problems with maintenance, repairs or downtime.

Business VoIP phone service has come a long way. With LOGIX, there is no concern about quality or reliability. Here are six reasons why companies choose us for their business phone service.

Reason No. 1: high-quality voice calls.

LOGIX delivers calls with lightning-fast speed across a dedicated fibre network. Low latency and high bandwidth minimize delays and lag time, which is crucial for voice calls because even the slightest delay can make callers uncomfortable.

Reason No. 2: stellar reliability.

Every business calls you to miss is a missed opportunity. LOGIX provides reliable and stable business phone service that prevents this from happening.

Residential internet providers, cable companies and some national providers are prone to outages and extended downtime. Many of these companies lease or subcontract their lines, acting as brokers rather than operators. If there is a problem somewhere down the line, they may need to coordinate with multiple companies to get it fixed.

LOGIX owns its fibre network. It has a network operations centre that monitors performance 24/7 year-round and guarantees 99.999% uptime, as stated in its industry-leading service-level agreement and customer satisfaction guarantees.

LOGIX’s cloud-hosted service provides greater business continuity. In case of a natural disaster, LOGIX can route your calls to alternate locations or mobile devices so that your business never misses a call. Your data is also safely stored onLOGIX’sservers and can be restored when things return to normal.

Reason No. 3: local customer service.

If there is ever a problem with your service, you can talk to a knowledgeable professional who can resolve the issue. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you have ever dealt with one of the national or residential service providers, you know how aggravating this can be. They often have call centres halfway across the country or even in another country. LOGIX has a Texas-based technical support and service centre that is staffed 24/7 year-round.

Reason No. 4: advanced calling features.

LOGIX provides advanced calling features at no charge, regardless of the size of your business. These features include auto-attendant, caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling, voicemail to text, call waiting, simultaneous and sequential ring, and more.

Conferencing, video conferencing, direct inward dialling, toll-free numbers and advanced collaboration tools are also available.

Reason No. 5: flexibility and scalability.

LOGIX provides a variety of flexible business phone service and internet connectivity options to support both small businesses and large enterprise organizations.

LOGIX’sbusiness VoIP phone service with a hosted PBX can scale rapidly as your business needs evolve. This scalability lets you avoid paying for capacity you do not need right now while retaining the option to easily upgrade in the future.

If you have multiple locations or remote teams, a traditional phone service would require a separate (and expensive) PBX system at each location to connect your offices. A hosted PBX system from LOGIX can seamlessly connect multiple sites.

Reason No. 6: connectivity for remote workers.

Business VoIP phone service from LOGIX enables increased mobility. You can assign a single number for customers to use no matter where your team members are doing business.

Using a hosted PBX and business VoIP phone service from LOGIX can also connect remote workers. Adding soft client apps to smartphones and other devices can facilitate access to company resources.

Business VoIP phone service also includes enhanced security and encryption. Together with virtual private network software, business VoIPprovides secure connections for remote employees.

Why LOGIX Should Be Your Business Phone Service Provider

LOGIX is a leading provider of secure business phone service using a fibre network. Many businesses find that using LOGIX for business VoIP phone service and a hosted PBX can save as much as 50% over legacy phone systems.

Lightning-fast bandwidth delivers reliable and secure connections that can work with your service and equipment needs. Our fully dedicated business-fibre network is carrierEthernetcertified by the Metro Ethernet Forum and connects more than 3,000 enterprise buildings and 100 data centres. This provides a robust backbone for the best and most reliable business phone service.

Request a quote from LOGIX today to get the most reliable phone service for your business.