Learn why Pizza Always Comes in Square Pizza Box



Do you want to make your pizza brand stand out in the market? Custom-designed pizza boxes are a perfect tool in this regard. You can get them in every size and shape that you want for your pizzas. The aspect that makes them extraordinary to keep the packaged pizzas fresh, warm, and tasty is the quality of their manufacturing materials. High-quality cardboard and corrugated board are used in their manufacturing. In addition, you can take their advantage for brand promotions as they hold remarkable printing and branding features along with customizability aspect. Lip-smacking graphics and visuals, printed brand logos, and contact details make it easy for brands to attract a massive number of buyers and increase their sales.

It is a known thing that despite the round shape of pizzas, pizza boxes come in square shape. Like thousands of other people, the question of why this is so may come to your mind. No one knows what the reasons were at first to go for square boxes for pizza packaging. Here are some key reasons that modern pizza brands are using in a similar fashion:

Easy To Make

In comparison to round boxes, square-shaped boxes are easier to produce. To manufacture these boxes in a square shape, you do not need any specific tools and technologies like round-shaped packages. A round shape box requires you to use multiple sheets of cardboard to give it a final shape, while a square box can be formed with a single sheet of cardboard. They are also easy to assemble in comparison to round packages for pizzas. Many pizza brands have tried to go for round shapes for their packaging but owing to additional expenses and requirement for technological tools; they turned to the square shape. So, this is one of the major reasons behind the square shape of boxes for pizzas.

Easy and Secure Transportation

Square boxes are find effective than any other shape of packaging when it comes to safe and easy transportation of products. Particularly in the case of pizzas, the packaging solution must be effective to keep the packaged product in place in order to prevent any type of damage and loss. Square boxes are up to the mark in this regard. Having sharp edges, they are easy to handle while transporting to customers. On the other hand, if you look for round boxes, they are difficult to keep in place and providing sufficient protection to the packaged pizzas. They need more care and additional features to protect the packaged items that can increase their production costs. That is why, when it comes to choosing boxes for pizza packaging, most of the pizza brands and retailers opt for square shape to provide their customers with perfect pizzas and win their trust that also leads to the elevation of sales and profits.

Space Saving

Square-shaped boxes also provide additional space as on all four corners; you can place additional things like sauces and ketchup, etc. This has provided brands ease to provide their customers with something extra to increase the charm of their purchased pizzas. Round-shaped pizza packaging box come tight-fit to the packaged pizza and do not provide such spaces. This can be another important reason for the square shape of these boxes.

Easy Staking In Freezers/Owens 

Pizza packages in square shape also make it easy for pizza shop owners to store them in freezers. It is a known thing that all baked pizzas are not sold at once, and to retain their quality, taste, and freshness; it is essential to keep them in cold temperatures. In this regard, square-shaped packages help them staking these pizzas in freezers. Even at the time of selling to customers, to make them eatable and delicious, pizza shop owners use to stack them in Owens for warming. For both purposes, square packages provide more ease than any other shape of boxes for pizza packaging.

Easy Serving

Another important reason that also entices people to use square packages for pizza packaging is that they provide ease of serving. Unlike round packages, they are easy to unfold, which helps respective consumers to cut packaged pizzas and serve them to the beloved ones. Round packages can make it tough to cut pizzas without taking them out. On top of that, you can repurpose quadrangular boxes in the way you want. However, round boxes do not provide this facility as they comprise multiple sheets and pieces.

Cost-effective Way

People also think pizza box wholesale an economical way for pizza packaging in comparison to packages in other shapes. As these boxes are easier to make than round and other box shapes, they also require lesser technological expenses and time to manufacture, which makes them more economical. Furthermore, getting bulk pizza packaging also reduces their costs for buyers.

This entire discussion about the reasons behind the usage of square shapes for pizza boxes can help you why this shape is more prevalent despite the round shape of a pizza.

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