Know The Fundamentals For AWS Solution Architect Training


The AWS certification provided by Amazon is designed for individuals who wish to learn about the AWS platform, work on it and have hands-on experience on the cost efficiency of distributed systems on AWS. These certifications also include understanding the fault tolerance and stability of AWS systems.

Koenig Solutions is a platform that provides AWS training and certification for beginners and experts as well. The courses provided are well-modulated and divided into specific sections for you to gain maximum knowledge.

AWS Solution Architect Certifications

Many companies are shifting to the AWS platform to deliver better cloud services and hire employees with an in-depth understanding of the AWS system. These factors explain the increasing popularity of various AWS credentials. 

Mentioned below are the major AWS certifications.

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect -Associate

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate is a cloud computing certification ideal for AWS aspirants wishing to seek intermediate skills and knowledge. It provides a basic understanding of designing and utilizing applications of AWS technologies. It also upgrades your skillset as it is based on architectural design principles.

The course includes the following concepts

  • Implementation of core AWS services
  • Design and build a new environment
  • Automate and decouple
  • Make AWS environment safe and secure to use
  • Understanding large-scale design patterns


  • AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional

Certified Solution Architect Professional is another AWS certification course that helps you understand various advanced technical skills required for AWS. It provides you with complete experience at modulating applications on the AWS domain.  

It also includes learning of AWS direct connect and AWS storage gateway to make you efficient in solving complex AWS problems.

The course includes the following concepts

  • Understand the basics of cloud security
  • Protect the AWS environment from DDoS attack
  • Increase the efficiency of AWS solution
  • Secure data using AWS technologies

Job Opportunities

AWS Cloud certifications can open doors to many job opportunities in various fields, increasing the chances of getting a better designation. Mentioned below are a few trending job options after getting AWS Solution Architect certified.

  • Cloud Developer

An AWS Cloud Developer create applications that work in the cloud environment. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of programming and API Design which includes Java, Python and Object-oriented programming. 

As most cloud applications need high performance, cloud developers work to monitor and fix these technical issues.

  • DevOps Engineer 

A DevOps Engineer is responsible for safeguarding the infrastructure and design the first layer of protection against hackers and various malicious attacks. They work with other developers and IT team members to test and protect software. These professionals require expert knowledge of scripting and coding.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

A Cloud Software Engineer specializes in working with cloud systems and ensuring smooth and efficient functioning of these systems. Cloud software engineers are known as “program architects” as they are responsible for developing complicated programs. They are also referred to as creative minds and are expert in solving analytical problems.

The cloud computing domain will continue to grow and pave its way to address more job opportunities in the future. Through a proper study plan and practice, you can obtain the AWS certification, which will improve your career graph.

Benefits Of Getting AWS Certified

Companies are adopting AWS cloud infrastructure and systems to deliver better services. As a result, the demand for AWS certified professionals is high in the current scenario.

The following points outline the advantages of an AWS certification:

  1. According to recent research conducted by Global Knowledge, AWS certifications can increase your salary by almost 25.9 %. Even if you are a fresher, this certification has proved to provide a better paycheck.
  2. As these certifications bring credibility to be a professional, you get a chance to develop your professional network in the community.
  3. AWS DevOps Cloud certification improves the client’s trust in your ability to work with AWS technology. 


Companies are looking forward to hiring professionals with an advanced skill set and hands-on experience of various theoretical and practical concepts in a fast-changing technology-driven world. 

With the baseline of minimum qualification rising, it becomes essential for young aspirants to obtain certifications and add baggage to their capabilities.

Koenig Solutions provides instructor-led AWS certification in Riyadh training courses for you to clear the certification examination with a maximum percentage. You can also schedule the session according to your date and time.