Kingdom Valley Islamabad, a futuristic, state-of the-art housing community is located near the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway. Kingdom Valley is the Kingdom Group’s flagship project.

Kingdom Valley is a Kingdom Group flagship project. This is a brand new development that is being funded through a partnership agreement with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Developers strive to offer a high quality service and expert knowledge at affordable prices.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad owner is Ghulam Hussain. He serves as the valley’s president-CEO. In the real estate industry, both the developer and the owner are well-known. This housing project is built on the skills of highly skilled workers who pay close attention to details. This team includes engineers, architects, builders, planners and managers.

They are working together to create a masterpiece. Ghulam Shahid Sanpal, a real estate engineer, is known for his collaborative projects and excellent planning. It is the goal to improve and transform living environments into sleek and modern living. Mr. Ghulam strives to live a luxurious and elegant lifestyle. This team provides excellent customer service and general direction.


Kingdom Valley Master Plan shows four blocks. The blocks have different marla sizes, and they are classified in different categories. Click here to find out more.

The Kingdom Valley masterplan implements at government level. The entire community is covered by 15000 Kanal. There are plots available for commercial, residential or international purposes in the valley project.

This master plan contains a masterplan for the housing scheme, a high-end infrastructure build, theme parks and high-tech health facilities. To enjoy the best amenities, we encourage investors to make investments in this real estate-housing plan.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location can be found on Chakri Road. There are multiple offices. The location is shown in the map.



To avoid confusion and confusion, ensure that you have done kingdom Valley Islamabad File verification. Be sure to verify the NOC and developer approval documents before you make any purchase or sale. Your documents will be valid for any method that guarantees customers’ satisfaction.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Review Most reviews are 5 stars because the prices are reasonable with easy installment plans. The prime location is close to M2 motorway.


Many people in Pakistan have always been attracted to the real estate sector. It’s not easy to buy a home or plot of land and then sell it at a higher price. You must be able to trade in real estate and make good returns. These require financial and smart thinking.

Basic Utilities

The society provides basic services to its residents, including underground electricity, water, and gas. Access to underground sewage systems as well as a drainage system that allows rainwater out is also possible. Access to both pure water and gas is also available.

Electricity Backup

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Housing Society plans to install power backup systems to address issues such as load shifting.


Kingdom Valley is a secure society that does no harm to residents. To ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the property, go-through gates are installed at the front of the housing development.

The housing community is gated and well-walled. To ensure safety, CCTV cameras are installed throughout the housing society. Guards with guns also watch over residents’ housing.

Boulevards and Roads

The streets and boulevards of the housing project are very wide. These streets are lined with streetlights and trees. Most of this land was used for roads and boulevards.

Climate-friendly Environment

Kingdom Valley is an eco-friendly area because it has given a large portion of its land for the development and maintenance of parks, tracks, nurseries, and gardens.

Numerous parks and playgrounds have been built in the area. More will be constructed as part of the housing scheme.


In each section of the housing scheme, there are several mosques. Developers plan to build many more. There are also several mosques near the community for housing.


Kingdom Valley’s builders plan to build a hospital in the area to offer immediate medical care. There are many hospitals and clinics close to the housing development.

Educational Institutes

A housing society has set aside a portion of land for the construction and maintenance of schools and colleges. However, there are many educational institutions nearby.


The society is located within the Pakistani city of Islamabad. This society offers investors a great opportunity to make money. This society is part the “Naya Pakistan Housing Program” of the prime minister, making it a reliable place to make money. This is a residence project in Islamabad, which has been approved for NOC Approval. It is considered to be one the most desirable residential developments in the city.

This society is located in an area that is extremely advantageous. It is also close to many important landmarks in Pakistan’s capital city. The Kingdom Valley, a top-rated housing society in Islamabad, is an excellent investment. It can be used both for residential and commercial purposes. This region is also a good place to invest and make monthly rental income. Investors who have invested in Kingdom Valley Islamabad are confident in the builders. The decision to purchase an apartment in the community is one of the most rewarding decisions they have made in their lives.

Society strives to provide the best amenities and facilities for its residents to make sure they have peace and happiness. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a beautiful residential property that offers luxurious facilities and international-standard amenities to ensure that the residents of Kingdom Valley Islamabad do not experience any difficulties while living there. This project has unique elements that will ensure residents enjoy a lifetime full of comfort and quality.

This housing project is in its final stages of development. The cost of land is expected to increase by nearly twice the original value in residential and commercial sectors once the housing community is complete. The area of Kingdom Valley is seeing an increase in roads and property development. It is expected that the development will be completed within the stipulated timeframe.

It’s possible to make a great investment if all aspects of the project have been considered and analyzed.