Is Recovery Possible from Cocaine Addiction at a California Drug Rehab?


Whether it’s your favorite Ironman actor Robert Downey Jr. or singer Demi Lovato, celebrities have been associated with cocaine addiction for ages. Reports of their days in fancy rehabs in California regularly make the headlines for tabloids.  

But, you probably have no idea how challenging drug addiction can be and how important rehabs are. Millions of people in the US abuse cocaine every day and this is common news. We never rack our brains or get sleepless nights by thinking about this.

Why? Because cocaine is used for its mind-altering power; it can trigger huge changes in our brains. At the same time, it is these very effects that can get you hooked onto it equally fast!

Know about cocaine addiction and how to seek help

When you use cocaine for its “feel-good” factor, it’s not usually worrisome. But, if you get used to this for a long time, your body develops a tolerance to its effects. Your brain wants more of the drug to experience the euphoria or even to continue feeling “normal”. 

This is when you may need to contact a drug rehab in California because withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening. Once the euphoric rush starts to fade, withdrawal symptoms start surfacing. 

Do you know many users even binge on the drug to delay the onset of these symptoms? This can be dangerous and can lead to a fatal overdose. Call an addiction hotline in such a situation to get medical assistance immediately.

Know the symptoms of cocaine addiction

The most common symptoms are fatigue, increased appetite, agitation, depression, nightmares, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.

These symptoms can last for different periods for different addicts depending on the intensity of the abuse. You will find them at their worst in the first few days of quitting cocaine. Should you try detox at home?

Since symptoms are not the same for everyone, you need to go into a proper drug detox in California. Their staff will know which treatment plan is right for you. They will examine the symptoms and their severity, the patient’s medical history, and look for other substance abuse signs. So, never try to detox at home; reach out to professionals.

How treatment for cocaine addiction is done

Time is the best way to treat this addiction; the body must be given ample time to readjust. It is during this readjustment process that withdrawal symptoms emerge; so, you cannot avoid them.

During this time, your doctors will supervise medical detoxification. You must take every step to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You need to eat healthy foods, sleep on time, exercise regularly, and maintain a daily routine, practice yoga and meditation.

After detox which may not be required for every addict, there must be proper treatment processes and after-care. Detox is for the body to eliminate cocaine. While one may try this at home, it’s safer to do it in a clinic where it will be monitored.

Look for an inpatient rehab facility or hospital near your home. Those who have life-threatening conditions need a hospital but those who are medically stable can recover in rehabs. Medicines are often prescribed to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Besides drugs, patients must engage in group and individual counseling to develop coping skills for staying sober. For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is popularly used for addicts.