Ideas To Renovate Your House On A Budget


Start off by making updates to your kitchen and living room as they not only make your home look good but can also increase its value in the eyes of the buyers. Choose the Hardhat Reno Guys for Renovate Your House Ideas.


The average kitchen renovation cost depends on how much change is required. You can easily renovate your kitchen with help of Veejay’s Renovations Kitchen Makeovers on a budget if you keep the following tips in mind:


Before a single inch of your kitchen space sees the sledgehammer, focus on everything that might require remodeling. This is very important because one of the factors that usually blows away the budget is selecting supplies for the kitchen on a whim during the renovation. Pre-planning will also help you avoid the situation when the product you want is unavailable, and you are ultimately forced to pick an alternative that might be costly. You will know about the status of the product beforehand and you will work accordingly. This will also help you renovate your house at a reasonable price.

Picking Colours for Outdated Cabinet Design

Getting a new set of cabinets is one of the major expenses one could run into. Also, the procedure of kitchen cabinet refacing – adding a new sheet of wood to the exterior of the cabinets – is quite costly. If your cabinets are in a satisfactory condition, consider keeping them and perhaps just giving them a fresh coat of paint so they look brighter, cleaner and fresher. It is one of the best house remodeling ideas that you can use to make your house look elegant.

As far as the paint shades are concerned, white is a good choice as it is less expensive than the other shades and make the space look bigger, airier and brighter giving it a sophisticated appeal.


Who wouldn’t appreciate a bright and well-lit area for cooking? Just a single installation of the light fixtures such as a pendant lamp or any overhead/ceiling LED light can make a huge impact, without busting your budget, enabling you to renovate your house in a cost-effective way. An under-cabinet light fixture or a ‘task light’ would be great for increasing luminescence on the cooking surface.

Don’t mess with the plumbing

Re-routing the pipes mean higher expenses. Each time you move the kitchen appliances that have plumbing fittings such as a dishwasher, sink or gas oven, it will cost you quite a bit of money. So cut down that cost by keeping the current fittings, and you can invest that money in order to renovate your house in a better way.

Add Ultra-Modern Finishes

Striking details and finishes are key to a luxurious kitchen, but the cost of getting them doesn’t have to blow away your budget. For an economical price of under AED 3000, a backsplash can be made from faux stone veneer panels that will make your kitchen look chic and contemporary. The primary purpose of a backsplash is to shield the kitchen wall against oil splatters or any liquid. But it also serves as the interior décor that can create a subtle touch in a rather neutral space.  You can also go for glazed or glossy black backsplash or Moorish tile or Zellige that features Islamic mosaic art to give your kitchen a quirky makeover.


A living room is one of the most frequently used areas in the house where you interact with family and friends. From birthday parties to the gathering of family and friends, the living room is the space that you would be using to socialize and mingle. To create the most welcoming ambience, use some of our best house remodelling ideas to renovate your living room on a budget.

Rethink the Layout

Sometimes a new layout is all that is required to renovate a living room. By rearranging or switching the furniture around, you can give your room an entirely different look. A focal point of the living room is usually the TV and this is ideally where you should begin from. Rearrange the sofa, coffee table, and central rug to completely transform the look of your living room. Easily one of the most reasonable ways to upgrade the look of your home, this will also avoid wastage and unnecessary expenditure.

Harness the Power of Paint

Paint is transformative and one of the most cost-effective methods to give a living room the ultimate makeover. If you are really strapped for cash, you can even apply it yourself for a fun art-decor project with the family. Use bold colours (think of muted blues or citrusy hues), paint a statement wall, or just choose a vibrant colour that matches your personality and your furnishings.

Revamp the Upholstery

Rather than buying brand new furniture, you can refurbish your existing ones with some creative upholstery. If the frame of your couch is in a good condition but the cushions have gone flat or the fabric is stained, just choose a new fabric, upholster the couch and voila! Dramatic transformation on a budget! An even more economical option is to invest in printed throws which will instantly give a new and lavish look when draped over the arm of a sofa and bring warmth to your living room.