CoronaVirus Covid-19 rose out of the blue and has proven to be an unforeseen hardship for the human race as various sectors, individuals and communities seek to do away with the risks attributed to it at every stage. Starting from working styles to international commerce and human interactions, including how our free time is spent, its effect is being felt everywhere. ICT strategy such as supporting all clients in a near 100% remote model has turned into the order of the day.

May it be ways to conduct the least operational supply chains, how to service the clients, how to cut down on the tremors of Covid using lockdowns, inventory sanitization, storage, and electric portals and things needed to be done to keep the staff engaged, the pandemic has successfully coerced almost all fields into a brand new age.

Though an ICT strategy has come out in the disguise of an angel assisting in traversing this situation, it is an eminent domain impacted in expenditure lines. In the current Covid situation, the electronic media is rising to the occasion as a dominant aspect where people, employees, family and friends are all using e-media solutions to the optimum and looking for fresh ways of utilizing them in the role they are meant to play too.

The thing that is quickly resurfacing as the epicentre of almost every entity is ICT strategies. Since most businesses find that maintaining a steady occupation with a large staff is is a herculean task, huge capacity requirements and ramp-ups are expected in sectors like Media and Telecommunications adhering to work-from-home policy or people spending most of their time on digital channel engagement.


How do the corporate entities confront these challenging situations and use the support of ICT and electronic media professionalism to translate these times into more sustainable periods and draw up the map for the future? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Since the pressure on the Information tech field regarding services like retail, telco, and healthcare sectors has been predicted to make new records during this period. For some time after that, digital solutions for customer engagement in the said sectors will develop more focus. That is why some remedies should occupy the front seat where a revenue transition is anticipated or where customer knowledge or vicinage is required.
  • As hackers and pranksters will see this as an opportunity to be minted, the entire attention should be directed towards solutions regarding the security of e-media since first-timers are expected more than ever before on different platforms. What this implies is a rise in jeopardy with regard to cyber safety.
  • Facilitating an uninterrupted experience on mobile becomes more important than ever for many consumers encountering fields since mobile devices are fast becoming the epicentre of such engagement.
  • As organizations consider cost optimization initiatives and seek agility in operations, given the international market scenario, increased cloud services consumption is expected.
  • To make sure consumers are engaged at all times, Enhanced/New/Virtual returns pathways can be looked forward to, through increased consumer information input through ML or AI modules.
  • Since numerous one-on-one tasks are transferred to the electric space of solutions, Work-from-Home activities must become increasingly vigorous.


As businesses stand by their consumers through the means of ICT strategies, they have to ensure that they are considerate, humble, and loyal. The company of all businesses is Human well being, before anything else.