How to use the laser machine to process and manufacture Stainless Steel Castings


A laser etching machine is the best marking machine that is used to leave marks on a wide range of materials. It is a low-cost process without direct contact as compared to traditional processes. The very first trial the of laser machine happened in 1965. Laser machines are widely used in product labelling in the industry the high precision process is used in Hispeedlaser technology a laser can change the material properties or colour, that’s why a special wavelength is use according to the material. Laser engraving and laser etching are the method of laser technology. It is the fastest marking process. Laser marking is the traceable solution. It can be used to mark on stainless steel

Hispeed Laser machine manufacturing

Hispeed laser is a process of marks on metal surface and it is one of the efficient method or technique. Special kinds of laser solution used in this process. Hispeed laser marking machine is the demand of market because of its efficient working process. Worldwide, the Hispeed laser machine is one of the best exporting machines.

Fiber laser method for metal solution

It is the advanced method of laser technology. One of the best qualities of Hispeed laser machine is their cooling system, which is the cause of low maintenance of laser. Two types of fibber laser are used, one is fiber laser engraving which is usually used to engrave brands logo on metals and one is fiber marking machine. Mainly suitable metals for fiber laser method are steel, aluminium, brass, copper, iron etc.

Laser marking for wood material

Laser marking on wood requires proper beam quality. Galvo and dynamic wood laser making are the two types of co2 laser marking machine. It is used to mark on non-metallic materials like leather, wood, cloth, wool, rubber, food packaging etc.

UV laser marking for plastic and glass

This type of hispeed laser is used to mark on glass, earphones, TFT, plasma screen, crystal etc. It is widely using in the industries of drug packaging, cosmetic and polymer industries.

 Dangwang steel casting Foundry

Dangwang is one of the most famous steel casting industry of china provides the complex steel casting products.

Alloy steel casting, stainless steel casting, carbon Dangwang steel casting foundries if this industry working.

Dangwang has the strong reputation overall the world and the major dealers of this industry are Canada, UK, Japan, USA, etc. Dangwang steel casting industry provides the customer satisfaction with safety product delivery and after service.

Dangwang steel casting industry strictly follows the instruction of PPAP, files which tells the technical requirement of product.

Casting statistics of Dangwang steel casting are

Weight 0.1- 1500kg

Size 1800*2500*1000*nm

Current capacity of Dangwang steel casting foundry is about 18000 tons

Porosity, slag bole, sand hole are the major defects of steel casting that can be overcome by proper cleaning of alloy, well baked. Surface defects including sand sticking and scarring. Defects in size also detect. Dangwang steel casting not only detects all these defects but also provides solution and fully satisfied their customers.