How To Move Spectrum Internet Location


We have a fair idea of all the struggle that people go through during moving from one place to another. Getting everything sorted and organized, bringing in the movers to take all the stuff from your old place to the new one, having to say good bye to all your friendly neighbors etc. Hard times indeed.

However, Spectrum makes your tiring task of moving relatively easy when it comes to handling their services. Leave it to these guys to make the process quick and fast so that you can ease your mind of one thing at least and focus more on getting your expensive cutlery, college trophies or your Play Station 5 shifted safely from one location to the other. 

Where To Call For Transfer/Move Request

As a growing company, Spectrum has really improved on its customer service this year. If you ever had a need to call the service center, then your process would be handled quite quickly and efficiently. The Spectrum Customer Service Number you need to dial in order to request, schedule and get information about the fees and procedure is 1-855-363-4906. The company recommends that anyone who wishes to move, transfer their connection inform the company and start on the procedure at least two weeks in advance so that the proper arrangements can be made.

Fees Charged When You Transfer Spectrum Services

Spectrum does indeed charge its existing customers with some fees when you put in an application for a transfer. I know some of you will be thinking how this is just an added expense to your already high costs but what can you do, Spectrum is accommodating but no one is going to give you this facility for free. Besides, the charges aren’t even that high, take a look below:

Internet Service Provider Transfer Fee Is Self-Installation Available? New Installation Fee Wi-Fi Activation Fee
Spectrum Services $9.99 Yes $49.99 $9.99

*Data is subject to change on the discretion of the provider. Be aware of any additional fees that might apply. Check availability of service in your area of desired connection. Cross check all information before making a commitment.

Spectrum Transfer Fees In Detail

The below mentioned charges are direct costs that you will incur if you decide to move of your Spectrum Internet connection from one place to another. Apart from the charges of the Transfer Fee, Wi-Fi Activation Fee and New Installation Fee you also need to know whether or not you qualify for Spectrum Self-Installation. Going through these in detail will help you figure out what exactly these costs are and what do they mean.

The Spectrum Transfer Fee

The ISP offers its transfer services for a one-time payment of $9.99 in order to move your package or services that you have subscribed to from one location to the other. The easiest way to schedule or start your transfer procedure is by dialing Spectrum Customer Service Number 1-855-363-4906. The transfer fee will not be paid separately rather it will just be added to your next month bill. As mentioned before, Spectrum firmly suggest that all customers apply for the transfer two weeks prior to the actual day of moving so that the procedure or arrangements could be made accordingly.  

The Spectrum Wi-Fi Activation Fee

This is again just a one-time fee and is payed once you subscribe to Spectrum services. However, in the event that you move or transfer your connection, this fee will be reintroduced and will have to be paid again. If you haven’t already subscribed to the Spectrum Triple Play package and are currently subscribed to the TV and Voice subscriptions, then you have absolutely no reason to worry about this fee.

Spectrum Self-Installation Criteria

The criteria just look at whether or not you’re moving to another local residence and not changing states. In the event that you are indeed making a local move, then there is a very high chance that you become eligible for the self-install option. However, make sure that you contact the Spectrum Customer Service Number before moving. As in the case that the internet service provider does not know of your movement, you might be away from your internet services for quite a while.

The Spectrum New Installation Fee

If you are an already existing subscriber of Spectrum Internet Services and you decide to move, chances are good that you will be facing this expense. The one-time charge is of $49.99 if a technician has to come in to install the set up. It’s not uncommon for this to happen and so you can expect to incur this fine, just to be on the safe side while planning your budget.


How to tell Spectrum that I’m moving?

The easiest and most continent way is to call the Spectrum Customer Service Number and let them know of you moving plans at least two weeks in advance so that the proper arrangements could be made. The customer service number is 1-855-363-4906.