How to Know Bybit Fees and Fee Discounts Before Trading Crypto


Among all the derivatives exchanges in the world, Bybit Fee is one of the lowest fees among futures exchanges. There has been a tremendous growth in popularity of the Bybit Exchange in recent years due to its low fees and the fact that it is a derivatives exchange. The purpose of this post is to provide you with more information about Bybit fees. In addition, you can find detailed information on Bybit fees and discounts at

Discount on Bybit Fees, Referral Code

Bybit is currently offering a 20% fee discount if you register through the image above!

Fees for trading futures on ByBit

USDT futures and futures trading using coins as margin are the two most common forms of futures trading. Trading USDT perpetual contracts is the most popular option among them.

A discount on the Bybit fee

There is a 20% discount on fees offered by Bybit. If you just sign up, you will not be able to receive this benefit, as it can only be obtained through the Bybit Referral Code.

Fees associated with coin perpetual contracts

Here is a breakdown of the transaction fees for inverse perpetual contracts using USDT coins as margin, following the USDT perpetual futures trading.

Likewise, the fee for trading USDT futures is the same as that of coin inverse perpetuals. With leverage, however, you can expand up to 50 times, excluding Bitcoin.

In the same way, the coin inverse perpetual contract fee is discounted by 20% as well, and the final fee is 0.008% 0.048%.

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Fees associated with Bybit leverage

Bybit’s leverage fee should also be taken into consideration. You pay a higher fee when your leverage is higher.

Fee rate x leverage ratio are used in the calculation.

You will have to pay 0.6% fees for 0.06% x 10x leverage, for example. Depending on whether both position buy (buy) and close (close) are involved in the firm as takers, the final 1.2% fee will be taken from the principal (margin).

Calculation of Bybit Funding Fees

Bybit Bitcoin funding fees are -0.0017 percent as of February 1, 2022. In the case of a negative value, that means the short position should pay the long position a funding fee, while in the case of an integer, it means the long position should pay the short position a funding fee.

As a result

Maker fees on Bit futures trading are quite low and attractive, but Taker fees are quite high. As a result, you should trade mainly with Makers in order to save as much commission as possible.

Trading fees for Bybit spots

Recently, Bitcoin spot trading offered 0 limit commissions, but the event has ended. The Bybit spot fee, which is based on the maker/taker price, is applied in 0.1% increments. In the case of a purchase and sale, the final 0.2% is paid by the buyer.

Calculation of the Bybit Spot Fee

For example, if you sell $20,000 in coins, you’ll receive $19,980, assuming 0.1% is deducted.

Information about Bybit Referral Codes and Fee Discounts

Enter the Bybit Referral Code to receive the Bybit Fee Discount Service. In addition to offering a 20% discount, it offers lower fees for trading futures. You will be charged a 20% higher fee if you do not enter the Bybit Referral Code when registering.

Bybit referral code: what is it?

Referral codes are available on the Bybit Exchange in two different forms. We have a discount link and a regular bonus link. One offers a discount link and the other offers a regular bonus link.

The discount service of fees is not available if you register through the link to get the regular bonus. Bybit Referral Codes offer discount benefits, so you must sign up through them.

How long is the Bybit fee discount period?

For the rest of your life, you will not be able to use the Bybit Referral Code. This benefit will be offered for three months (90 days), after which a new debit account will need to be opened or a fee discount will need to be applied for.