How to Increase Life of Vape Battery?


Three main components comprise the typical cannabis vaporizer: a mouthpiece, a chamber that houses the extract and heating element, and a battery.

The battery powers the heating element of the vape gadget. A 510 thread battery is the most popular kind of vape battery. This sort of battery may be used with any regular cannabis cartridge purchased from a dispensary or online. The usual 510-thread battery is long and cylindrical, giving the vaporizer its distinctive pen-like shape.

Pod system batteries only work with their proprietary pods, despite being less popular. Although many different sizes and forms exist for pod systems, they are often flatter and larger than 510 thread batteries.

Best Battery for Carts


What type of cartridge or extract you intend to use it with will determine the best batteries for your cartridge system.


Thicker extracts will benefit from lower temperatures, while more viscous extracts and ceramic cartridges will likely need a higher voltage wax cart battery. To maintain the integrity of the terpenes, extracts like live resin intended to emphasize the cannabis plant’s natural flavors should also be vaped at lower temperatures. Users frequently experimenting with various concentrates and brands might wish to buy a variable voltage battery.


Higher MAH is typically preferred, especially with high voltage batteries, and whether to use a button or a buttonless device ultimately depends on personal preference.


How to maximize the life of a vape battery?


The type of material, brand, and level of maintenance given to your vape battery will all affect how long it lasts. You may be confident you’re getting a consistently dependable product created from secure components when you buy from a reputable vendor like Amsterdam Vape. But you can also lengthen the life of your battery by not overcharging it.


  1. Storage: If your battery is kept for an extended period, keep it in a cool, dark place. Ensure the battery has at least 40% charge if you intend to store it for a long time. This permits some discharge while ensuring there is still enough power to maintain the operation of the protective circuit.


  1. Charge before completely drained: According to Battery University, a partial discharge┬áputs less stress on the battery than a full discharge. Your battery’s lifespan should increase if you can charge it before it runs out completely. When using variable-wattage devices, vaping at very high wattages (near the device’s maximum) might strain the battery, especially if it is almost completely depleted.


  1. Don’t charge the battery too frequently: In the same way, charging it too frequently (i.e., adding a small amount of charge and then vaping until the battery is dead) can quickly shorten its lifespan. Try to adhere to the guidelines above (don’t charge or discharge the battery completely).


How to clean the vape cart battery?


Cleaning your vape cart battery is an easy but crucial step in preserving its performance and durability. As long as the connections between the battery and cartridge are clean, most batteries can be easily cleaned. Remove any residue from the contacts using an isopropyl alcohol solution and a cotton swab. Store your battery apart from the cart to lessen the likelihood that your vape cart may break.