How to Get More Business Customers using Google MyBusiness?


When customers are searching for your products online, Google MyBusiness helps you to show up without spending a single dollar. Google MyBusiness is free and affordable tool for marketers and business owners to leverage the success of their small or large businesses. If you run a particular type of business and need to get noticed by more customers online, you need to create a profile in Google MyBusiness. That requires filling only the basic information; however, you cannot leave your profile without optimization. Without GMB profile optimization, you cannot develop the trust of clients and turn searches into leads.

For tapping into the real potential of Google MyBusiness, you need to fully understand these following tips to get the most out of your Google MyBuisness Listings.

  1. Focus on your Contact Information

Google MyBuisness works when you enter your business information and create a professional profile on the platform. But that is just a starting point of the effort; you can add your address, service area, and hours of operations easily. Do not forget to enter your phone number and all the relevant information because missing information will only make it harder for the customers to find you.

  1. Business Description

When you lost your business information on Google MyBuisness, your business description is the next important detail you need to enter to improve your rankings. The description provides a great opportunity to make searches more effective; that gives customers to know you better and allow them to do business with you. However, many businesses owners fail here either by entering an incomplete description or a downright ridiculous piece of text that is no good for the customers.

Treat your GMB business description like your piece of marketing copy or blog post. The focus should be on the problems that you solve for the clients instead of shouting about how long you have been in business. No need to mention details like the size of your company; write more about what you can do for the customers and how you care about them. It has nothing to do with your own ego; more important, include keywords into the description that people might use while searching for your products and services. Since GMB provides a limited space of 750 characters for the description, make sure that you include anything that is important and avoid fluff.

  1. Reviews

When you get positive reviews from the customers, it can help you business shine bright in the middle of a thousand stars. Your unknown business entity can turn into a trusted organization in days; however, it takes some work to get good customer reviews. When their positive emotions are at the highest, they will be happier after the purchase. It is your job to help your customers to craft their views to make sure that it is helpful for other potential customers.

You can provide customers guidance on core issues and highlight the problems you can solve for them. This strategy can elevate your views in positive direction to get a load of customers.

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd with Images

When you post high-quality and relevant images of your business or team members, customers are able to see what you are all about. After creating the GMB profile, don’t forget to add a cover photo or a logo similar to what you post on your social media accounts and pages.

If you refrain from the practice of putting up good images, it will be difficult for the right people to recognize your business online. But that is not the end of the road here; post additional photos that help you to show your location, menus, services, and even office furniture. A good idea in this regard is to hire a professional photographer who can increase your earnings up to 24%.

  1. Post New offers, News, and Updates on your GMB profile

Always update your information on Google MyBuisness profile with new addresses, phone numbers, product offers, and updates. Depending on your business goal, these posts are able to keep your profile fresh, encourage more visitors, and drive sales.

Creating a Post of Google MyBusiness

  • Sign into your GMB account and open the location you like to manage.
  • Click Posts from the left hand menu.
  • From the available options, choose the type of post you want to create.
  • In each field provided, enter the relevant information. Do not use any unethical language or slang. Use the right grammar and punctuation as well.
  • Click the spelling and formatting by clicking on Preview; you can click on the back arrow if you need to edit or re-enter any information.
  • Finally, click publishes to create a brand new post on Google MyBusiness.

With these tips and techniques, it becomes more fun to list your profile on Google MyBusiness because it is optimized for maximum leads.