How to Find the Best Local Entertainment


Man, boredom sure is… well… boring. Isn’t it?

Seems like now would be an opportune time to go out and paint the town red. There’s just one problem: you don’t know where to find good paint. I’m not talking cheap-o watercolors either; we need to find you some heavy-duty, long-lasting, fire engine-red capital-P Paint!

I’m using “paint” as a metaphor here for local entertainment options. Unless you really do like to paint. In which case you should probably get the city council’s permission before you get started.

ANYWAY… before I lose my train of thought, let’s not waste another moment. Here are some handy-dandy, surefire tips for how you can find the best local entertainment any time, anywhere.

DIY: Do It Yourself

For those who prefer the direct approach. Sometimes the only way to find a good time is to stubbornly will one into existence. If you have the means and/or gumption, why not try putting something together yourself? What are ya, chicken?

Go big or go home. Rent a venue, advertise an event, and find some homegrown singers for hire who will bring the house down (not literally; it is a rental after all). Start your own band by posting in online classifieds or hanging up fliers to find members. Be an architect of your own local art scene. As the great philosopher Socrates once said, “If you build it they will come.”

No, wait. That’s from Field of Dreams. Remember that flick?

Survey Says… Ask Around

Okay, not everyone has it in them to go whole-hog and throw their own mini-Woodstock. That’s understandable. If you would prefer to fill the role of Professional Audience Member but you don’t know where to do that, then the next step isn’t rocket surgery. Simply put, ask around.

This is especially helpful if you’re a recent transplant or are visiting a new town temporarily. Sure, you could just scour Facebook’s event calendar, but if you really want to find where the local entertainment scene is at its most happenin’, you need to talk to the people who are part of it. Go native and ask for recommendations.

Don’t worry, townies don’t bite. Well, not too hard.

Different = Awesome

What’s that you say? You’ve already seen it all? You’re a lifelong local yourself? How dare I assume you were an outsider? Well, excuuuse me. At least I’m not the one talking to a computer screen right now. Although I am typing on it, which is kind of the same thing. Touché.


Maybe you have been around the block a couple times. But have you been around someone else’s block? In other words, have you tried thinking outside the box? Stepping out of your comfort zone? Trying something fresh and different, maybe even a little scary? If not, there’s no better time like the present. The only way to keep things fresh is to open your mind to new experiences.

In all seriousness, as long as you do it safely, there’s nothing not worth trying.

Except lima beans. Ew.