How to double Your Subscribers in no Time? (The free way)


If you’re stuck in a slump with regards to your YouTube channel, this is for you. If you’re starting on the platform and you have no subscribers, this one is for you. 

YouTube uploads about 500 hours of video every minute. The chance of your video getting lost in the sea of content is not far-fetched, yet, many manage to beat the algorithm and get their videos pushed into people’s recommended. While services like SocioBlend can get the ball rolling by helping you buy YouTube subscribers, this may not be viable for beginners or creators with no money to spare. Luckily, there are other ways to increase your subscriber count, and these do not cost a dime. 

Post consistently and post often

We cannot stress enough the importance of consistent posting when it comes to boosting your subscriber count for free. 

Time and again, creators who post consistently gain an advantage over the competition. The algorithm prefers to push such creators, and a few pushes into people’s recommended can have a massive impact on your subscriber count. 

Use YouTube’s tools in your videos.

Even though annotations are not a thing anymore, YouTube still provides a decent set of clickable tools that can easily double the YouTube subscriber count. 

End screens remind people to subscribe and are still images that appear at the end of the videos. It can also be other calls to action and has proved to be effective in boosting conversions. 

Branding watermarks give users an extra reminder to subscribe by showing a button that hovers at the bottom of the screen. Statistics show that these watermarks have a massive impact on whether a viewer hits the subscribe button or not. Given that these are free, it only makes sense to use them and double your YouTube subscribers. 

Cross-platform promotion

Using social media platforms to drive traffic to your channel is one of the most effective ways of YouTube video promotion. The best part about this is that it is free. 

While paid Facebook and Instagram ads do better, the ROI for simple free promotion isn’t too bad either. Use your existing following to drive traffic to your channel, and the increased numbers can get the ball rolling without any overhead costs. 


Focus on a niche and have a theme 

A pattern among most successful channels is that they focus on a niche and have a consistent theme. Whether it’s Mr.Beast, PewdiePie, or any of the other channels raking in subscribers and views, they all have a theme that spreads across all the videos. 

The niche and the theme together make videos recognizable, and you in-effect create a brand that drives viewers into wanting to subscribe. 

Do not compromise on the quality of the videos.

Compromising on the quality is one mistake most YouTubers do, out of sheer desperation. Finding the balance between quality and quantity makes a world of difference when it comes to trying to increase YouTube views

The quality of the videos on your channel will promote itself, and this can easily make or break your channel. 

Whatever you do, do not compromise on the quality to stay consistent. On the other hand, plan and schedule the videos so that you can consistently post quality content. 

There is only so much that free or paid promotion can do for sub-par videos. 

Ensure SEO for every video

The importance of SEO goes back to the fact that the platform does not lack content. The sea of content that is ever-expanding makes new creators have to fight to gain an advantage over well-established YouTubers. 

There are many dimensions to optimizing your video. A catchy title with an appropriate thumbnail goes a long way in getting people to click on the video and eventually become a subscriber. While click-baiting to an extent might be understandable, there is a line you shouldn’t cross. 

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Add appropriate tags to the videos and write relevant YouTube descriptions for your video to get it pushed up the list. 


Engage with your viewers

It should go without saying, yet it makes sense to stress on this, given the effects it can have on a YouTube channel. Engage your viewers by replying to comments, hosting Q&A sessions, and posting videos on topics your viewers choose. It creates a bond between creator and viewer and helps in converting them into subscribers. 

Yes, this might take some time and effort, but the rewards you stand to gain outweigh it and makes it an obvious way to increase YouTube subscribers for free. 

You do not need money to increase YouTube subscribers. While paid promotion and services that offer organic growth might help get the ball rolling quicker, it is not impossible to succeed without it. If you are low on cash and want to double your subscriber count, go for these tips. 

If you don’t mind investing a small amount for substantial returns,check out services by SocioBlend that help grow your online visibility on YouTube and other platforms.