How to Choose The Right Google Ads Agency Nowadays?


Today, the google ads agency Viden, shared with us useful information for our readers about:

Where to look for agencies

  1. What to say at each stage of interaction
  2. Get specific first-hand lists of questions and recommendations.

Sit back, we’re getting started!


Decide on the goals of your project. Prioritize them. Decide what you want to achieve from cooperation:

  • Increase the number of sales?
  • Improve the quality of applications?
  • Bypass the competition?
  • Develop another customer acquisition channel?

Based on your goal, formulate a specific task for the performer. “Reduce the cost of targeted applications by 30% and attract 4000 leads from social networks in 2 months” is an example of a well-posed task. 

What to indicate in the technical assignment for the performer?

  • Terms of work
  • Advertising budget size 
  • The required price for a lead, purchase, attraction of the first buyer (CPL, CPA, CAC). 

If you have a marketer at your disposal, it is better to entrust him with drawing up a brief for the performer. If not, let the agency itself calculate the effectiveness  and plan the achievement of the result, and you will be able to assess whether they know how to count. 


Determining the purpose and format of the google ads advertising agency is a preliminary stage of work.

The first step will be to outline 20-40 agencies of the relevant specialization for selection . It’s not that hard if you know where to look.

Where to look for agencies?

1) Agency ratings

What ratings take into account:

  • The quality of the services provided
  • Customer service level
  • Work speed
  • An experience
  • Expertise of the team and its size.

Ratings are a handy tool when you need to compile a large list of agencies and weed out dubious ones.


It is better to pre-select according to 3 main indicators: website, work results, reviews.


The first thing to learn is the website. If an agency has worked on its business card, then it definitely understands something in promoting a business. The site should be easy to use, stylish and contain comprehensive information about the agency’s work – all this distinguishes specialists from a private shop. 


A good case should contain: 

  • A story about the client’s task. 
  • What has been done on the way to the result. 
  • Numerical indicators.
  • Examples of advertisements. 
  • Concrete result in clearly measurable KPIs. 


The preview will leave you 15-25 agencies with which you will get in touch (via mail, an application on the website, by phone). Most likely, 2-3 agencies will not answer your call due to workload, from 3-4, communication will not work out, a couple more will offer unfavorable conditions.

If the agency is interested in finding out the details of your task (through a brief or in a detailed conversation), this is a good sign. This will allow the google ads agency to prepare a commercial proposal specifically for your purpose. If the application is answered in a day, then the agency has a complete blockage. Evaluate how the communication is being built and who is processing the application: the account manager, the targeting agent or the owner of the agency? Draw the appropriate conclusions.


Send to all the agencies that interest you, the TOR for the performer (brief) and ask them to prepare a commercial offer within a certain period of time.

The commercial offer must include:

  1. List of works to be carried out in the process of implementing the project goals. 
  2. A clear execution algorithm and deadlines for the delivery of certain stages. 
  3. Promotion strategy and its rationale. 
  4. Audience of the project. Communication strategy. 
  5. Description of the results to which the work done will lead. 
  6. Media plan. Distribution of the budget by placements and audiences. 
  7. Price. What is included in the cost of services, how it is formed (fixed, agency commission per turnover or per volume). 


At this stage, you will have 5-7 agencies left . You can set a condition for not only the sales manager to come to the meeting, but also a person from the team – the one who will work on your project. Assess the level of the direct performer. 

A meeting with representatives of the agency is a crucial stage for both parties; it is better to prepare for the conversation in advance and draw up a list of questions. We decided to help you with this.

Questions for a personal meeting:

  1. What are the agency’s strengths and weaknesses?
  2. What advertising channels does the agency offer and why exactly them?
  3. Target audience of the project and how will communication be built with it? 
  4. How will the implementation of the project begin and what will they manage to do in the first week?    
  5. What tools does the agency use in its work? (Even if they are not useful to you, you will be able to assess the level of expertise).
  6. What indicators will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?

Pay attention not so much to the answers themselves, but to the course of reasoning of specialists. 


As a result of the negotiations, you should understand whether it is worthwhile for the agency to allocate an initial budget.

Rate it again

  • Agency commission size
  • An experience
  • Agency workload 
  • Impressions from a personal meeting 

After evaluating all the factors, you will decide to choose one agency. Thank dropped players and keep them in mind.