How to Buy a Pocket Friendly Laptop?


In order to choose the perfect inexpensive laptop, it’s important that you do the utmost possible research anyone could have done for the laptop brands and models. It’s rather easy to just list down the list of 100 of them with their specs and then filter them down to the best. It is always difficult to find a decent cheap laptop, but in this article, we will tell you about the ones that have exceeded all the majority of customer’s expectations. We have compiled our rating, which will help you make the right choice.

Why you can not advise only one laptop?

It is difficult to just recommend only one cheap laptop on Windows because manufacturers release new models and stop production every week and prices can change overnight. We hope that at the moment when you read this article, the laptop we have chosen is still on sale, but if not, we found several other inexpensive Windows laptops that we liked. And since we cannot guarantee that these specific models will always be cheap (or in stock), we also put together some tips on what to look for when buying. You can also go for MacBook, notebook or a computer too at the same time if it serves your purpose.

Are you sure that a budget laptop is right for you?

If you choose a new computer, then the search for a lower price is a reasonable step. But please do not try to go too cheap or too expensive. It can hardly give you what you want from it, it will only upset you exactly from the moment you get it out of the box. It is better to spend more amount on a sufficiently powerful laptop that will be capable of almost everything, at least for the next couple of years. Depends on your use, but for ordinary web browsing and working with simple documents and spreadsheets mid-range laptop is fine, and a more expensive laptop can perform more complex tasks, such as editing photos.

A budget laptop is a great choice if, for example, you are a student and you need one device that does a good job of everything: from the simultaneous use of several web applications to basic video editing programs. Yes, carrying it with you will be difficult, and charging will not last as long as expensive ultrabooks, but you can still use it in the classroom if necessary. But make sure it comes with an AC adapter, proper user manual in local language plus other required essentials.

What makes a budget laptop good?

You can never find the perfect budget laptop because if it had the perfect settings, it would not be budget. An excellent budget laptop combines the best advantages with the least number of disadvantages. If we move on to the specifics, here are a few minimum requirements, where you should never compromise on a purchase. Take it higher if you can, but never settle for less.

Without taking into account the big discounts and rare exceptions, you should understand that it is almost impossible to choose a budget Windows laptop with such characteristics. If it’s cheaper, then the processor will not be powerful enough, and the RAM will be too small, in which case your laptop will now seem slow, and after a few years – simply unbearable. Weaker specs are not good enough for the main computer that you want to use for a long period of time.

How long should a budget laptop work?

For budget laptops, the long battery life is not critical, primarily because such devices are not very portable. Of course, I would like at least five hours of work, but if the laptop is not capable of this, it should not become critical. Choosing the exact model for testing is not easy and does not use battery life as a key parameter of budget laptops. With the exception of grand sales, finding a laptop that meets our minimum requirements, can work autonomously for five hours or more, or has a high-resolution display and costs less than most alternatives.

After you have selected several models that look promising, go to your local store to check the devices right there. This is very important: a laptop may have brilliant features, but a lousy trackpad or keyboard that can ruin everything. You should also pay attention to the quality of the screen. Most cheap laptops have poor-quality screens with poor colour reproduction and a narrow viewing angle. Make sure you can put up with such a screen.

Final Words

Once your laptop arrives, carefully open the box, do not discard parts and accessories, and also conduct a comprehensive test drive. If you notice anything you don’t like, return it to the manufacturer or the store as soon as possible. If you hold out with this, you will not be able to return it. Some manufacturers accept the goods back only within two weeks. We hope you had good learning on how to research and get the right economical laptop for you.