How to Build a Consistent Pipeline of Enquiries


For your business to grow, you are going to need to attract interest from your target market. This can be easier said than done and will require some time and effort when it comes to researching those individuals who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Concentrating your efforts on these groups of people will ensure that both your time and that of your employees is spent in the most profitable way and that the majority of contacts made will result in a sale rather than a dead end.

#1 Focus on your target market

It is important to engage with your target market. Produce visual adverts, for instance, that are designed to actively appeal to those individuals that you have created your product or your service for. Colors, fonts, music, and any visual stunts all play a large part in attracting the attention of your audience. This can be quite confusing, especially if you are more inclined to present adverts that appeal to you.

Although you could continue to make a promotional piece that you feel hits the mark, without any guidance or knowledge from experts, it might not be the best decision and could be a waste of time and money. There can be a very fine line between attracting those that would genuinely be interested in what your business has to offer or missing your target entirely.

#2 Select different platforms to showcase your business

By blinkering yourself into just selecting one platform to showcase your business and the products or services that you are currently offering, you are missing a trick and potentially quite a lot of business.

Although you may want to concentrate on each individual platform, you should not sacrifice the ability to showcase on all of them at once. For instance, there are a growing number of social media platforms with an audience of over 4 billion, although you may need to tweak your marketing slightly to fit in with each platform you use.

If you are looking for feedback to see which platform performs the best, you can have them either send traffic to different areas of your website or include different codes so that you will be able to see at a glance which tactic requires additional work and which is outperforming any other.

#3 Design your website for your target market

Having briefly touched on traffic being sent to your website, it is important that you have a website that appeals to your target market and is kept fully up to date. Regardless of how much traffic you have aimed and primed at your website, you will find that your marketing strategies will underperform if your website looks poor, old, or out of date.

Your website, for many of your potential customers, is the first real point of contact with your business. Therefore, it should present your business as an authority figure in your niche. Adequate instruction and navigation should be provided, and the language used needs to be fluent to your target market but not too ‘jargony’ to exclude newcomers.

Keeping on top of your website, updating it regularly, and removing out-of-date offers, introductions, or information is essential to making you look open for business. If you find that this is a struggle, as it can be very time-consuming, some businesses can do this for you and will keep your website updated and fresh for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee.

#4 Drive good quality traffic through your sales funnel to your website

This has also been touched on briefly above, but to go into more detail, good quality traffic is the lifeblood of running a profitable online business. Having lots of visitors to your website or a high click-through rate on any advert you place may seem good, but unless those individuals turn into paying customers, you have not gained anything.

There are plenty of ways and means of going about obtaining good quality traffic. For instance, it is likely that you will get a significant amount of your visitors through search engine optimization.

However, in order to get the biggest numbers of visitors that will result in new customers, your keywords will also have to be distilled down. This, if you are unsure of what you are doing, takes skill, dedication, and knowledge. It is, therefore, important that you take time in choosing the right SEO company.

Final thoughts

Finding your target market can take time and effort. However, the more in-depth your research goes, the easier you will find it to reach out, engage with, and market to these individuals. Where possible, it is important to get the experts involved, as it will not only save you time and money but is likely to get better results than going it alone.