How The Food Industry Can Use Digital Marketing


Table of contents:

  1. How To Use Digital Marketing In Food Industry
  2. Final Note

The pandemic led to the introduction of several home-based food businesses. And without any doubts, having an online store is more than enough these days as digital marketing allows businesses to reach such a wide audience in cost efficient ways. 

If you are also running a food business, whether an e-commerce store or a physical shop, you cannot expect to grow organically without investing in digital marketing. Here are some ways you can start with digital marketing for your food or beverages business. 

How To Use Digital Marketing In Food Industry

  • Collaborate with food bloggers

Influencer marketing is all the hype these days, and rightfully so because it has a lot of benefits for both influencers and businesses. Influencer marketing can help you build your brand on the internet with lots of credibility, and target your audience with lesser costs. Influencer marketing uses a mix of traditional and modern marketing tactics, such as use of video content, blog posts and imagery. 

As a food business, you will come across various food bloggers on Facebook and Instagram. There are other platforms for influencer marketing too, but Instagram and Facebook are the most common ones these days. You must take care of a couple of factors when choosing an influencer and working with them. Firstly, make sure you are selecting the right influencer by matching their niche,  audience, content type and their values with your own. For example, you should not approach a non-veg influencer to market your vegetarian meals. 

The next most important step is to be clear about your goals and objectives. You should know what outcomes you expect from the marketing campaign you are running with an influencer. If you are not entirely sure about your own goals and objectives, you might not be able to communicate them well to an influencer. This takes us to our next most important step in influencer marketing – be honest and open with the influencer. Tell them sufficient details about the foods and beverages you offer, how you make them, and how you provide or deliver these to customers. If an influencer understands your business properly, only then will they be able to make an impactful post about your brand. 

  • Explain your products visually

Brands are using infographics as an excellent means of describing their products or share details about themselves. You can use animated graphics to show your supply and how the end product reaches your customers. Infographics or visual explainers are a lot more time efficient and effective in getting across a message in a simpler form. 

  • Set up an event of Facebook

Many food businesses, particularly those who don’t have a physical store and are mostly digital, use the events feature on Facebook. They set up bake sales in rented venues, and use Facebook events to generate hype and awareness about their brand. Facebook events are a great way for people to know about your brand and follow you on social media even if they don’t really show up on the event. 

Other than hosting an actual event, you can also set up an event on Facebook for new product launches, live video sessions and much more. All  generate traffic on your social media page, consequently bringing in more potential leads your way. 

  • Video content

For food and beverages companies, video content is perhaps the best way to let people know what you offer in detail. You can use video content to describe the cooking process, hygiene protocols and much more. There are several benefits of sharing video content on your website and social media pages, one of which is that it is completely sharable and therefore brings in more customers for a longer period of time. In addition to this, video content is much more effective in communicating or delivering a message across than textual content. There are greater chances of people watching a 2 minute video rather than read something that takes 2 minutes. Food companies should make good use of video content. 

  • Giveaways and contests

You must have seen beauty, clothing and fashion brands doing lots of giveaways. This is because they want to generate more attention towards their brand, and they do this by creating engaging contests and giveaways that compel their audience to interact with the brand’s social media page. Not only social media, but you can also run giveaways contests on your official website, and send e-mail alerts to your customers for higher conversion rates. 

So, what is the use of these contests? Even though you will have to bear the cost of the giveaway, but in return you will create engagement and also get a lot of followers. Brands that use this tactic require their followers to comment, like, and tag more people on the post. This generates traffic and more leads for the page. The higher the engagement on your post, the better for your brand. 

So, even when the contest is over, people have a good recall of your brand and might even end up following you in hopes for winning the next contest. These giveaways can do wonders for your brand image and customer relations. You can think of these giveaways as free sampling that we see happening as a form of traditional marketing tactics. 

  • Seasonal offers and discounts

One thing that remains a highlight in the food and beverages industry is holidays, festivals and seasonal demands. Whether it is an online or a physical business, they all look forward to these special occasions to run digital marketing campaigns for special discounts and offers. 

You can come up with food bundles at discounted prices, or just have a flat-out sale on all your products during holidays or a festival. This way, you will be creating hype and giving your customers to look forward to something. You can also do this through Facebook events idea, where you can set up events for seasonal sales and discounts by running event ads on Facebook. 

Final Note

People have access to fast speed fiber internet wherever they go. When they get hungry and are looking for affordable meals, the internet is the first place they search. How you present your food business online plays an imperative role in your success rate and profitability. Make use of fast speed and affordable internet services like Metronet internet to generate potential leads on your business pages. Do not underestimate what digital marketing can do for your food business.