How works for Cheap Domain Registration and WordPress Blog Site hosting?


Many people prefer the popular .com domains because of the global reach and trust of this particular domain extension.

But getting a great .com domain name does not come cheap or easy. SeekaHost, however, wants to change that by helping you start a website in only a matter of minutes with a few dollars. Anyone can set up a website easily for business or e-commerce, even blog monetization with the new web hosting control panel from SeekaHost called SeekaPanel.

SeekaPanel was envisioned by internet entrepreneur, Fernando Raymond, who is the CEO of SeekaHost, as the ideal solution for bloggers and webmasters as it makes it easy and fast to register domains and buy hosting plans at a relatively cheaper price.

Bloggers and business owners who wish to own a website can find the cheapest .com name registration for just $5.99 at SeekaHost and easily register the domain for their website within a minute.

How you can start a Website with cheap WordPress Hosting via the new SeekaPanel by SeekaHost

SeekaPanel is really innovative and enables its users to register a domain name and host it in under 5 minutes. 

And you can research your domain before registration to identify the best domain name of your choice. Even if you’re planning on starting a blog, you could use your personal name as your brand and domain name, which is very likely to be still available.

How you can start a Website with cheap WordPress Hosting via the new SeekaPanel by SeekaHost

If you’re eager to start a blog and monetize it, do not hesitate even once in registering the .com domain name right away.

Unique features of the SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Manager

You can register most domains in a few seconds via the Seekapanel and as many as you want, follow the below steps to get started.

  • Install WordPress on your domains, which is the most recommended CMS for bloggers
  • Buy the WordPress hosting with unique multiple class IP hosting for your blogs if you’re looking to build a private blog network
  • Easily host Your Domain in a few minutes
  • Availability of Website analytics data via integrated tracking tools
  • Ability to install or delete sites or upgrade/downgrade hosting plans whenever you like
  • Migrate existing blogs from one host to SeekaHost for free
  • Manage and access all of your blogs in a single interface
  • Access to helpful resources inside the panel for blog creation, SEO and online marketing.

SeekaPanel is the ideal solution for all bloggers as it is easy to use, with cheaper hosting plans than what most of the domain registrars and hosting services providers offer in the market.

Now, you can get started with your WordPress blog and find out how easy it is to build a blog using the innovative SeekaPanel.