How Digitization and Hosted VoIP has Helped in Business Revolution?


Transformation and progression are innate human instinct. We are always striving to find ways that lead to modernization. The world today is an embodiment of evolution that started millions of years ago and may not end in the next million years. It is the essence of human existence.

Our ancestors started with contriving food to fulfil their hunger, clothes to cover, and built houses to live. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” so whenever the need for anything is felt, people work day and night and find a solution. When they realized about earning, they transformed this sector as well. Starting from selling small things in local areas, they started manufacturing and processing different goods. In this way, the low selling points changed to small businesses, and ultimately now there are large corporate firms.

It’s incredible!

In this modern world, our focus has changed from basic necessities to things that help us in our businesses and everyday lives. Different gadgets and machines have been introduced to make our chores faster and easier. Thus, development is not restricted to any one area of life. It covers all aspects of life.

Business Variations

If we talk about the business revolution – it’s incredible how things have changed in the last decade. Now businesses talk about bigger things. First, they invented simple phones to communicate with clients and customers, but now taking advantage of the Internet, they are switching to hosted VoIP

Voice Over IP Telephony

VoIP is an extraordinary revolution if we consider the business sector. It has made life a lot easier, just like mobile phones, which introduced so many features that the need for a lot of things was eradicated. A wristwatch, calculator, contact diary, and so many other things that we used to carry in the older times are all present in one mobile phone. It has made our life so less complicated and more oriented by providing all-in-one items.

Although technology has its pros and cons, they say, “Excess of everything is bad.” Like how mobile phones have deteriorated human health, their advantages always tend to outrun the disadvantages. As an overall scenario, it’s quite right that all of these technological advances have facilitated our professional and domestic life.

If you are a business owner and are trying to make your mind, I believe you must have been on the fence for a while, but it’s time to jump off. If we think about the business world, we will be surprised how in this fast-growing world, some companies have still not switched to VoIP, and they are using traditional phone lines.

I wonder who wants to pay 50 to 60% more for making calls. Nobody does, or do you?

VoIP phones allow cheaper calls in your country but all over the world, wherever you want. Hence, there is no restriction of space; however, there is a specific restriction of the amount of money you are spending on your communication.

We have entered the era of business revolution where there is no limit of day or night. It would be best if you were active and connected to your business 24/7. It’s not possible that you stay in your office all the time – but your office can stay with you. IP telephony allows your office desk phone to connect with your softphone. It has access to all the function keys, contact lists, speed dial and directory. That’s huge.

Many SIP providers are working worldwide to help the business regardless of it being a large corporate firm or a small business. This is the specialty of VoIP that it has made every business worthy and approachable.

Digitized Data Records

Apart from the hosted VoIP, many other technological advances have changed the business outlook. In the older times, there used to be desktops with separate monitors, CPUs, keyboards, speakers and whatnot. In the contemporary business world, there is a laptop that you can carry with you anywhere in the world. Any unfinished work that you could not do in the office hours, you can do at home. No need to do extra shifts!

Elders, maybe your grandfather or father, might sometimes talk about how businesses were like in their times. Well, mine has given me some insight. They used to manage the records with pen and paper. There were colossal account books and not only one, copies of them to mention the sales/purchases against the date of that day. We can imagine how tiresome this would have been. Today, everything is fed to the systems, and all we have to do is tap and choose out of those few choices.

Thus, the digitization of records is also a significant technological advance when it comes to businesses.