Host IT Smart VPS Hosting in India


Dependable and highly efficient hosting is essential for a website. Most people make the mistake of not thinking about hosting while building a new website, which could prove costly in the long run. For hosting, the cheapest is not always the best. Think of it this way, building a house with substandard cement and bricks will get the job done but will it survive the test of time?

I recently discovered Host IT Smart. Upon a cursory glance, I found that the company offers some of the most competitive prices. It had my attention right away. And so, I dug upon it.

About Host IT Smart

Founded in 2006, Host IT Smart is a spin-off of a web development and digital marketing company. It serves 5000+ clients across India and the US. It has managed to create a name for itself in the hosting world primarily because of its pricing and customer support, or so it says.

Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting

VPS hosting is undoubtedly the best option for growing companies or business for whom security is a high priority but don’t have the budget for a dedicated server. Host IT Smart offers Cheapest VPS Hosting In India. They have three packages on a quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly basis. The higher your package duration, the lower you pay.

Below is the screenshot of Host IT Smart’s plans:


Benefits of Host IT Smart’s VPS Hosting services.

Increased Reliability — The reliability of your website will determine the trust of visitors and future growth. The company offers a VPS hosting service that uses advanced virtualization software. It’s based on a single physical server, but users benefit from a dedicated hosting server with increased RAM, increased uptime, and better speed.

Economical — If I talk about pricing, its VPS hosting servers are reasonably priced compared to others. The upgraded features, back-end support, and other resources make it worth it.

More control over resources — Getting the most out of your services is always a good thing. With Host IT Smart, you get complete root access and run scripts as desired. Apart from this, the company has a dedicated support team to assist you with technical issues.

Moreover, if you think your organization can manage the technical aspects, you can opt for a server management service.

24/7 monitoring — There is always the risk of cyber-attacks. Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting servers can continuously monitor your server to keep viruses and malware at bay. It means that threats will be eliminated before they cause any harm, and you can peacefully concentrate on other productive activities.

More customization and flexibility — Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting services allow you to customize VPS to meet specific requirements. In the end, you only pay for what you use, and you end up saving money, which can be allotted for other purposes. The possibilities of growth exceed with increased savings.

Data back-up — In the event of a power outage or system malfunction, you could lose access to all data. Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting allows you to back up all your data. If you happen to lose all your data, you can always use back-up to restore the same.


I reviewed Host IT Smart’s website, talked to one of its representatives, and studied other users’ reviews. The long and short of it is that the company is excellent and trust-worthy. They have a refund policy in place to cover you in case if it doesn’t match your requirements. With data centers in two locations, you also get an option to choose the one that suits you.