With considerable advancements in computing, and with humanity taking a step closer to unlocking more and more robust technologies, home automation is currently not an upgrade for only commercial and industrial buildings. With smart homes expected to be in about 28.2% of the total households in Australia by the end of 2020 and predicted to hit 59.6% by 2025, many smart home companies like Control4 Installation are expanding their market to provide a better means of providing home automation services to various households. With the rise in home automation, this article looks at the various advantages it has to offer when compared to normal houses.

1. Home Security

Home automation sheds light on the convenience of controlling the security of one’s own home just through a phone. Motion detectors, property surveillance, door locks, all in all, are connected to a wireless network to maximize safety for one’s own family and homes. Customers can also monitor activities when they’re away and receive alerts for anything out of the ordinary. One can protect homes from fires, electrical shorts and other dangers with the aid of the reliable warning systems.

2. Energy Efficiency and Saving Money

With better control over power, one can set lighting and heating appliances to turn off automatically when not in use. This feature can significantly increase the energy efficiency of the house. Effectively, the homeowner after a one-time installation—pays less in electricity bills. Home automation thus only makes use of the resources it needs.

3. Convenience 

Answering one’s door comfortably from a distance or controlling the timings and workings of all home appliances through a single device sounds too good to be true. Well, that’s what home automation brings. With sensors and wireless data, one can remotely control one’s own home to the best of their comfort with no need of worry as they can keep a constant check on the house. There’s no longer a need for asking friends or family to take care of the house during vacations either.

4. Baby Proofing

Parents can utilize home automation for baby proofing the house. Home automation services allow appliances to have automated locks that can be handled by adults. This feature prevents little children or babies from playing with devices and protects them from danger.

5. Better Control for the Elderly and the Disabled 

Utilizing home automation technology can be immensely helpful to the elderly and people with disability. The entire house and its elements become accessible from the comfort of the sofa. All that is needed is a smartphone with an internet connection, and people are good to go.

6. Peace of Mind

One of the priceless aspects of home automation is that it gives a sense of peace of mind. With fortified homes and every control of home appliances at one’s disposal, whether it’s checking the kids or the elderly, or inspecting the property through security cameras and motion sensors. With everything from the main door to the kitchen stove being accessible on the go, there is no need to worry about the safety of the house.

With the rise in home automation every year, customers will have a lot of options in the market to help make their lives in their homes a comfortable and safe experience. With the installation of automated homes systems by certified companies like Control4 Installation, customers will undoubtedly admit that there’s no home like a smart home.