7 Health Risks Associated with Excessive Gaming


Excessive gaming entails a huge number of risks to your physical as well as mental health and this fact is supported by strong evidence and medical research. Playing games sitting in front of your screen for hours in a fixed posture can take a toll on your body and you need to be fully aware of its consequences if you want to avoid such complications.

Knowing what are the major risks of playing games continuously for hours will allow you to decide for yourself whether you should keep indulging in this destructive behavior or not.

Following are some of the main risks of excessive gaming for your physical health.

  • Poor Eyesight

Most games require you to sit close to the monitor and stare at the screen from a very short distance. Countless flashes of light enter your eyes from this range and cause them to become sore.

Longer exposure to these kinds of games can damage your eyesight permanently. This also leads to headaches which add to the already existing eyesight condition and makes things worse.

  • Weight Gain

Online games such as poe ninja are addictive and it is very hard for you to stop playing them and to get out for some exercise or fresh air. Thus, you keep playing in your comfortable gaming chair for a long time and the results of this become apparent when you notice you have gained more than a few extra pounds.

Weight gain is one of the main and probably the deadliest risks of excessive gaming and you need to be on guard for the signs before they get out of your hands.

  • Hand Cramps

Games demand continuous movement of your hands. Playing for hours with the controls in your hands puts so much strain on your wrist and arm muscles. Thus, your hands become sore and you feel uncomfortable afterward.

Keeping your hands in the exact same position and pushing the controls with your fingers again and again for a longer period can create so much stiffness in your muscles and can lead to spasms.

  • Poor posture

Gaming also affects your posture badly. Your back becomes hunched and your neck muscles get stiff. Maintaining a bad posture for a long period of time can have severe effects on your overall body appearance as well as performance.

So, take regular breaks while gaming to avoid these terrible health risks at all costs.

  • Epilepsy

Excessive gaming increases your chances of getting photosensitive epilepsy which refers to seizures that are triggered by sharp flashes of light. Your brain finds it hard to keep up with intense fluctuations that appear on your computer screen and that cause it to malfunction which is expressed in the form of seizures.

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

A great source of vitamin D is sunlight and staying indoors all the time playing games can make you deficient in this valuable component. Lack of vitamin D leads to weaker bones, fatigue, muscles aches, and anxiety or depression, etc.

This is why it is advised that you take proper breaks during your gaming and get the necessary fresh air and sunlight for your body’s optimum health. For more information visit web access.

  • Sleep Deprivation

Games can keep you up till late at night. Playing games at the time you should be sleeping affects your performance and quality of life in every area. Your attention span reduces, you become more aggressive, and not to mention the much-needed rest that your body is derived off by this activity.

You need sleep as much as you need to eat or drink and with little sleep your body cannot work in its full capacity. So, keep that in mind next time you get an urge to continue playing the game when you know it is time to sleep.

Final Words

Moderation is essential if you want to continue playing games without damaging your mind and body. Playing games excessively can lead to many serious health problems and the above information highlights that fact pretty clearly.

All these points are completely backed by science and that is why we think it is for the best that you considered these. We hope this information has helped you realize the negative effects of gaming on your physical as well as mental health and wellbeing.