Finding Remote Sales Agents for a Business


Many companies during the last few months have been forced to switch their operations from in-person to remote. Practically all businesses are looking for remote sales teams that can crush the company’s sales goals each month without needing any direct supervision. But there are some challenges involved in finding such sales personnel. How can you work with commission-only sales representatives? How to hire the best available remote marketing team? How do you spot the perfect talent for your business? These are some of the challenges faced by remote team managers and recruiters for building a successful sales team. Here are some tips to find remote sales agents for your business.


  1. Setting precise demands

    Setting clear expectations about the requirements of your business provides your recruiting team a sense of direction regarding the type of team you are looking for. It is normal to receive hundreds or even thousands of applications after you have declared a position open in your company. In most cases, your hiring managers will quickly be able to identify talented prospects that will fit the billing for your business depending on the sales goals. After sorting through the applications you will be left with just a handful of applicants and it will be a lot easier to pick the highest qualified reps that are most suitable for your company.


  1. Using platforms such as PEO solutions

    Nowadays it has become fairly easy to develop your business network on the web. It is useful for finding out the remote sales reps. You can use some of the many online platforms to locate experienced sales experts. Some platforms offer various businesses an opportunity to hire, train, and manage commission-only reps. If your company operates in Europe the best option would be to partner with an international PEO that takes care of these services and helps your company grow bigger and more successful. 


  1. Have a sales assessment test

    For saving yourself time, resources, and stress you need to decrease the number of interviewees and just interview those with the requisite skills for your business. Organize a test to verify the sales skills of the candidates such as competitiveness, optimism, and never-say-die attitude. Some of the businesses manage these remote sales teams by using time tracking apps. The use of similar software can help you monitor the sites visited, monitor clicking activities, and track other apps used by the candidates as they undertake the test. This will ensure that you have an honest appraisal of their capabilities. This also makes it simpler to identify the right candidates for your sales teams.


  1. Perform an online behavior interview

    One of the important indicators that will show how the prospect sales rep might handle your business is checking their past behavior. For the candidates that pass the assessment, you can schedule an online meeting that can be used for learning about their perseverance, goal-setting capabilities, creativity while solving issues, etc. Make sure that you find out why they are leaving the earlier work. Answers to these queries serve as a background check and will tell you a lot about the prospect and decide if he or she can be the game changer for your business or just someone looking to make ends meet.


  1. Review their LinkedIn profiles

    Reviewing the LinkedIn profiles and resumes of the prospects gives you a good idea about the right prospect for your sales team. From all the info supplied through their account you can find years of experience, the organizations they have worked for earlier, their key achievements, etc. The sales personnel that were working with high-performing companies will provide other ways of assessing their performance. It is because working with a major brand is already an advantage in sales. Another thing you need to look for is LinkedIn recommendations from colleagues and clients. This helps you judge their attitude as sales personnel.


When you find more than a single candidate that meets the requirements opt for all of them. Do not bother about other things to work out. In most cases, you will find that these other things will later fall into place.