Features to Look for While Buying your Cordless Saw



If your home has a few trees, you will need a certain chainsaw to keep the branches trimmed. Your initial decision should be any Mini Cordless Electric Chainsaw.

The use of any small chain saw in the yard will determine whether it is suitable. If cutting wood is the goal, a more powerful type of chain saw will be more appropriate. A little chainsaw will suffice if the grass is modest and your plan is merely for routine maintenance. No difficulty, it can quickly cut fallen branches or can clear some resistant bushes.

Alibaba sells all kinds of industrial and domestic products online and also sells mini chainsaws to meet your needs. So, let us discuss in this post, what features should you seek in a cordless saw to get the maximum out of it.

  • Lithium-ion batteries

Chainsaws and a few other cordless power tools use nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries. They were not particularly efficient when a Ni-Cad battery emptied, its performance deteriorated, and it may take up to twelve hours for recharging it.

Lithium-ion batteries are now the preferred battery these days. Li-ion batteries are lighter and have a higher capacity, and they can be recharged in roughly an hour.

While shopping for any battery-operated chainsaw, check the following:

  • Amps or amperage: Electrical current capacity of the battery
  • Amp-hours: Time the battery will provide a specified current
  • Voltage: The necessary voltage


  • Brushless motors

A battery is used to power a cordless electric chainsaw. The saw’s motor uses the electrical energy provided by the battery to power its moving parts, particularly the chain that revolves around the bar. A cordless saw is ineffective without any good motor, regardless of how powerful the battery is.

Carbon brushes were employed in electric motors in the past to help in transmitting power. Brushless motors, which have become increasingly popular in the market of cordless tools, rely more on magnets.

  • Automatic systems for bar oiling

Due to the continuous metal-on-metal friction between both chain and bar of a chainsaw, your bar must be maintained with oil on a regular basis. This ensures that the chain runs smoothly. Chains are easily broken without it.

Look for a certain rechargeable chainsaw having an automatic oiler for a bar that will add oil to the bar on a regular basis. You will have to be more careful about pausing to oil the bar if you don’t have one, which may slow you down further.

  • Tool-less chain tensioning

This kind of chain tensioning is available on some battery-powered chainsaws, allowing you to tighten your chain without any need for digging out a certain screwdriver or multi-tool.

This tool is highly useful, regardless of your level of experience. Would not you rather prefer to reach to the side of the saw and flip a dial than just hiking back to the truck or house to locate a screwdriver if you are out in the field chopping a tree and your chain gets loose?

A cordless chainsaw with these features might be a useful tool not only for any lumberjack who may need to make any quick fine-tuning cuts, but also for professionals or consumers.